Boost Confidence and Get Support with the Right Sports Bra

By on October 22, 2018
Boost Confidence and Get Support with the Right Workout Clothes

You know that exercise improves your balance, makes you happier, helps you sleep better, and generally improves your life overall. One of the most important items you can pick out for a good workout is a good sports bra. There are so many styles and brands to choose from, it can feel overwhelming. One of the most important selections you make will be choosing the right sports bra, so below we’ve provided you with tips for picking out the perfect sports bra: 

Choosing the Best Workout Clothes

You should feel confident in the clothes you’re wearing at all times, and that includes during workouts. If you are embarrassed by how you look, you won’t be able to get the most out of whatever physical activity you’re doing.

Keep in mind that fabric matters. If you’re doing low-intensity exercises, cotton clothes work well, and moisture-wicking fabrics like spandex and nylon are better for higher intensity workouts.


As women, one of the most challenging aspects of dressing for a workout can be the bra. There are so many types of sports bras out there these days, making it hard to choose. All women want to be to feel good and support, and if you have larger breasts, you want to find something that reduces bouncing. That’s why you need comfortable sports bras like the ones from Knix.

Choosing the Right Sports Bra: Support

In order to buy the best sports bras for you, think about the type of exercising you like to do. Activities like yoga walking, strength training, stationary biking or hiking might not require as much support as high-intensity activities like aerobics, dance, running, and mountain biking do.

Choosing the Right Sports Bra: Measurements

To ensure your sports bra fits correctly, you can start with some measurements. Measure around the fullest part of your breasts for bust size and around your rib cage just under your breasts. Subtract the rib cage measurement from the bust size measurement, and that will give you your cup size.

Choosing the Right Sports Bra: Fit

When you try on a sports bra, you want to make sure there’s no chaffing around the seams, shoulder straps, or armholes. The straps should fit comfortably and not feel like they’re digging in to your shoulders. They also shouldn’t be too loose because then they won’t provide proper support. You should fill the sports bra without spilling over, and the band around your chest shouldn’t ride up when you lift your arms. To test how support the sports bra is, lightly jump up and down or job in place. Your breasts should feel secure and supported without too much bounce.

Now that you know how to choose the best-fitting sports bra with the proper amount of support, you can shop for sports bras that will boost your confidence and keep you comfortable during your workouts.


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Boost Confidence and Get Support with the Right Sports Bra