Stay Active and Get Back on a Bike with Electric Assist!

By on October 23, 2018
Blix E-Bicycle

Continuing an active lifestyle and remaining physically fit is extremely important as we age. Studies show exercise is proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and Alzheimer’s. However, many people may find it challenging to maintain an exercise routine due to mobility issues caused by arthritis, hip and knee replacements, or other physical limitations. Running, biking, and exploring the outdoors may feel like a chore rather than an enjoyable experience, discouraging many from participating in physical activity.

Why Choose Biking?
Biking can slow the aging process and keep your muscles and immune system healthy well into your golden years. According to a recent study, while cycling doesn’t protect against every measure of immune-system decline, cyclists had white blood cell levels comparable to those of a younger age control group—meaning their immune systems were acting “younger with active biking.

You might be recalling your last bike ride and either you were smiling like your younger self or you were frustrated that you couldn’t keep up with your friends or tackle the larger hills. Luckily, the new trend of electric bikes, crafted by companies such as Blix Bikes, provides a new way for people to get back on a bike and find an exercise routine that is pain-free, easy to maintain, and most importantly fun!

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Why Electric Bikes?
Electric bikes (e-bikes) offer additional benefits to regular bikes including low-impact exercise, easy transportation and a connection to your local community. They require no license, little maintenance and no stops at the gas station. Step-through or low-step frame models are well-suited for riders with physical limitations, especially those recovering from knee or hip surgeries, as they are very easy to mount, reducing the effort required to get on and off a bike. Blix’s Aveny Step-through, Prima Step-through, and Sol Electric Cruiser are great options for both men and women looking for a new method of exercise (and even transportation).

How Do Electric Bikes Work?
Most electric bikes provide electric pedal assist, meaning as you pedal, the motor kicks in to make pedaling easier and your riding speed faster! A rear-hub motor system utilizes a motor in the rear wheel and gives the rider a “push” feeling as they pedal. Some models also have a throttle, allowing riders to rest their legs and use the throttle to power the bike if they need a little break. It can increase stamina and add some thrill to the bike ride! Most e-bikes will give you a range of 30-60 miles per charge. While Blix Bikes can reach up to 20 mph, every time you brake there is an auto-motor cutoff making you feel comfortable and safe. However, like all bikes, it is important for you to follow basic bike safety regulations such as wearing a helmet, learning hand signals, and riding in designated bike lanes!

E-bikes Provide Exercise
Because you decide the level of pedal assist you want for your ride, you can choose to pedal more or less up those hills, along the path, or around town depending on your exercise goal! You can break a sweat or hop off the bike looking as fresh as when you first stepped on. Riding an e-bike is not cheating. It allows more people to get outside and participate in a physical activity regardless of physical limitations. Linda B., age 55 from Tucson, Arizona says, “I’ve ridden bikes my entire life for fun and commuting, but after five hip surgeries in eight years my strength and fitness are severely compromised. My new Blix e-bike has given me freedom to regain strength and mobility at my physical ability level—out of the gym and on the bike trail!” Like Linda, e-bikes encourage everyone to ride bikes without fear. Exercise and biking should be fun and keeping you happy and healthy way beyond 50!

5 tips for choosing your e-bike:
1. Know the frame size to ensure it will fit your weight and height.
2. Decide which motor is right for you, front-hub, rear-hub or mid-drive.
3. Know the top speed of the bike and if there is a throttle.
4. Understand your city’s rules and regulations for electric bikes.
5. Be prepared to have a lot of fun while staying active!

Sabrina Hockett works for Blix Electric Bikes whose mission is to see bicycles become sustainable means of transportation in North America by offering stylish, high-performing electric bike models.

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Stay Active and Get Back on a Bike with Electric Assist!