Best Way to Take Kratom: Kratom Tea

By on July 20, 2020
Kratom tea

You may be a fan of Kratom or you are just about to join the community. Whichever the case, you might be aware of the different ways you can take Kratom. But have you ever paused for a minute and asked yourself, ‘what is the best way to take Kratom?’ Most of us concern ourselves with quality and other issues about Kratom but how you take it significantly influences the desired results. Today, we are answering the question as to why Kratom tea remains the best way to take Kratom today.

Why is Kratom tea the best way to take Kratom?

Before we even look into the best way to handle Kratom tea, it is important to help you understand why you would prefer Kratom tea over other methods of enjoying the benefits Kratom is said to offer. Kratom, (Mitragyna speciosa) belongs in the same genus (Rubiaceae) as the renowned coffee plant.

Kratom and coffee are said to share some similarities when it comes to physiological and mental stimulation. According to Kratom enthusiasts, a cup or two of Kratom tea in the morning is said to induce mental clarity and energy stimulation. The best way we enjoy the benefits of coffee is by conventionally preparing some coffee. Similarly, the best of Kratom is said to be experienced through Kratom tea. Surprisingly, even the methods of preparation for both are considerably similar with only slight preferential differences.

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How fast does Kratom kick in? How does Kratom get into the system? Well, it’s true people are different and as such may experience Kratom’s purported effects in varied ways. But when it comes to how fast the effects manifest, nothing beats the speed of Kratom tea. According to seasoned Kratom fans, and I mean those who cannot be fooled about Kratom, if you are looking for a rapid response, Kratom tea is arguably the best.

Although this method is generally overlooked due to the perceived preparation needs, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see why it’s the best way to take Kratom. You might be aware that temperature has a significant effect on the digestion and absorption of foods in our bodies. The only method that delivers hot Kratom as observed from the various ways of ingesting Kratom is Kratom tea. This is believed to speed up its action as it reaches its targets faster compared to other methods.

How to prepare Kratom tea for the perfect treat

Although Kratom is said to have an unpleasant taste, its tea is said to be the best way you can increase its palatability. But how can you ensure you treat yourself to the best Kratom tea? The following steps are the most commonly used to make the concoction.

  • Start by gathering all you need including Kratom powder, water, strainer, teapot or cooking pot, and a source of heat
  • Measure the amount of water depending on your suitable dosage and boil it
  • Add Kratom powder of your desired strain to the boiling water and immediately lower the heat to let it simmer for about 10 minutes
  • The endpoint of preparation is determined by the desired strength of the tea. You may remove it from the heat as it changes color from yellow to deep orange. However, heating for another couple of minutes results in a very strong Kratom tea
  • Once it’s ready, use a strainer to remove residues and you will be good to enjoy your tea. This is the time you can add sweeteners such as sugar, honey, and cinnamon to adjust the taste

Most people worry about making Kratom tea, claiming that it will lose its potency after heating. But you don’t have a reason to worry as Kratom enthusiasts confirm that Mitragynine in the leaves of Kratom is stable at high temperatures and cannot lose its potency when exposed to hot water. With this in mind, you should have peace of mind knowing that Kratom tea will elicit the desired effects of your strain of choice, whether you have gone for a white vein, red, or green strain of this powerful herb.

How can you ensure your Kratom tea is the best?

While Kratom tea is believed to offer the best way to take Kratom, you must be careful to ensure you are preparing your tea from the best Kratom powder. According to Kratom reviews, while you may expect a quick manifestation, a poor quality strain will most likely disappoint you. Ensuring you obtain high-quality Kratom powder from reputable suppliers is considered the first step of making the best out of Kratom tea.

The poor quality powder may mean the presence of adulterants and other additives. Apart from poor quality, Kratom fans claim that certain strains are better than others for various effects. It is said among the Kratom community that having a wide range of popularly known Kratom strains is an excellent way to enjoy the varied effects Kratom tea is believed to possess. Find the best Kratom strains available today for the best experience with Kratom tea.

When is the best time to prepare Kratom tea?

When it comes to the best time to prepare Kratom tea, Kratom fans agree that every time is the best time. In other words, any time can be fine depending on the effect you are looking for. However, most Kratom fans say that starting the day with Kratom tea helps them focus and concentrate on their productivity. Nevertheless, this is believed to be the quickest way you can while away pain hence any time would do for this particular effect. If you may be experiencing problems with your sleeping pattern, a few cups of Kratom tea before bed are believed to offer a soothing and relaxing sensation that induces sleep. Moreover, some people report the amazing effect of Kratom tea on their confidence before encountering an anxiety-inducing situation such as an interview or a presentation. Your time is the best.

Kratom fans who are skeptical about Kratom tea are deceived into believing it’s a tedious method. However, when it comes to the best way to take Kratom, every seasoned enthusiast will tell you to go for Kratom tea. Considered the fastest way you can experience the purported effects of Mitragynine, this method is said to have the largest following today. If you are looking for an excellent way of enjoying Kratom, Kratom tea is the best choice you can make. It is the best way to take Kratom.

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Best Way to Take Kratom: Kratom Tea