7 Top Tips for the Perfect Holiday Photos

By on May 25, 2017

Holiday photos are the perfect way to stop those happy memories you made from fading too fast. You don’t need a fancy SLR camera to take great pictures, and many people just use the camera on their phone.

To help you capture the perfect holiday snaps, the team at Sun-hat Villas, specialists in luxury villas in the Algarve, have put together seven top tips.

Capture those gastronomic delights

One of the best parts of going on vacation has to be all the different food you get to try. Unfortunately you can’t hold on to the taste forever, but you can take a pic of how yummy it looked. When taking your picture don’t forget to set the scene first, and move any napkins and empty glasses out of the way. To get a really arty shot take the photo from directly above your food, or you could change what’s in focus by tapping the screen on your phone. 

Go panoramic for a fun group shot

When taking a group shot consider using the panoramic feature on your camera. It’s a really useful function to make sure you can fit everyone in if you are with a big group, but even if there aren’t many in your party, it’s a great way to truly show off the spectacular scenery behind you.

Make use of reflections

Whether it’s the serenity of the mountains reflected in a lake, or a cityscape mirrored in your sunglasses, using reflective surfaces is an easy way to get creative, unusual photos. Play around and see what you can come up with. It may take a bit of practise to get the right angle, but your friends will be bowled over by your photography skills. 

Get creative with your postcards

Show your loved ones exactly how much fun you are having with a bespoke postcard. If you’ve got an underwater camera why not get a shot of you snorkelling with fish? Or find a hammock and create your own obligatory hotdog leg shot to show off your tan? Using Touchnote you can then turn your snaps into postcards that can be sent directly to whoever you want. They’ve even got a phone app so you can do it straight from your mobile.

Be careful with those selfies

OK, so this tip may not help you take the best shot, but it’s an important one. As the trend in taking selfies has grown, so has the number of accidents that have occurred while they are being taken. Make sure you are safe and aware of your surroundings when posing for that pic. It’s only a photo after all.

It’s also important to protect the place you are visiting, and ensure it can be enjoyed by others. Don’t stray where you are not allowed, and be mindful of local customs.

Be square

When you share photos on social media they get cropped to a square shape so make sure you factor this in when setting up your shot. You don’t want anything important to be cut out. Some phone cameras have setting to take square photos now, which is really beneficial if you want to look at your photos on both your computer and your phone as they adapt to both screen ratios well.

Don’t forget you can always alter an image after you’ve taken it too. Most phones now have in-built photo editing features and there are a whole host of apps you can download to perfect your photos. So get cropping, adding filters, changing the contrast, inserting frames and even writing captions, to finish your snaps off and give them your own personal style.

Don’t hide them away

Once you’ve got all these stunning photos, don’t leave them residing on a memory card or in the cloud. They deserve to be seen! Share them with your friends and family on social media. Print them and put them in albums, or create a photobook or framed collage using a company like Snapfish. For a retro twist you could even use a Fujifilm instax camera to create Polaroid style prints – perfect for keeping in a holiday memory box with your other souvenirs.

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7 Top Tips for the Perfect Holiday Photos