6 Historical Romance Novels Every Woman Should Give a Read

By on May 25, 2017
6 Historical Romance Novels Every Woman Should Give a Read

Whether women admit it or not, they’re all romantic at heart. Irrespective of their age, romance is at the core of all their moods. It may not be the Mills-and-Boon’s type of carnal romance, but the hidden desire of seeing the happily-ever-after-against-all-odds is certainly what they want in every story. Irrespective of how busy they are, they always have time for a fairy tale.

Women tend to cherish intense romantic stories, and when it comes to romantic reads, there’s hardly any competition to historical romantic novels. Whether it is the Pre-war or the Civil War era, the European Dark Ages, the American Revolution, medieval England, or any time-frame in history across topographies, the love aspect in historical novels always makes for an interesting read. These classics are better page-turners than a lot of the modern-day romance stories.

Craving for some good reads? Here are six all-time bestselling historical romance novels every woman should read at least once in her lifetime for a fresh take on love and life.

  1. Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase

A book that never fails to charm with its unconventional love story, Lord of Scoundrels keeps you glued to its less-than-appealing hero with a hateable personality, yet intrigues you on the core levels through his dark past. What happens when this unconventional hero meets the sassy, smart, beautiful Jessica who is neither afraid of him nor bows down to his wrong deeds? The chemistry that spawns when these two opposites attract makes this book a classic love story. When you put the book down, you may not term it as the perfect read, but boy oh boy, it’s an immensely enjoyable read and a book that must go on your bookshelf.

  1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

This witty comedy of manners is based on the classic belief of the yesteryears that a man with a good fortune would surely be in want of a wife. Pride and Prejudice is a classic novel set in the 18th century. The book immerses you in the mentality, landscape, and simplicity of that era. The highly literate, refined, and sophisticated sparring between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy will make you fall in love with them instantaneously. The supporting characters too have their own charm. The book is must-have in your collection of historical romance novels.

6 Historical Romance Novels Every Woman Should Give a Read

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  1. Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas

What happens when Evangeline, who runs away from the clutches of her abusive relatives, shows up uninvited at the doorstep of Sebastian to propose a marriage of opportuneness? Everything seemed perfect between the stunning, shy, and petite Evangeline and drop-dead handsome Sebastian until she throws him a condition. From there on, the story makes you laugh, cry, and allows you to witness the emotional growth of both the characters in the most adorably loving way. Will she be able to resist the charms of a man with a bewitching reputation or will Sebastian, for the first time, finally allow his heart to feel true love? Read it and fall in love with it, forever.

  1. Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Readers describe this cult classic as one of the most engrossing, emotionally absorbing, and a refined piece of literary content ever written. Despite the fact that the book is a tragic saga, it hopelessly makes you turn the pages and read them with your mouth wide open. With millions of readers already in love with this book, anything in praise of Gone with The Wind will seem redundant. All that can be said is that if you haven’t already read it, read it now. You can watch it as a film too, but a book of over 1035 pages can’t really be summed up in a 3-hour movie, can it? Buy it, read it, absorb its impact and put it on your treasured books’ shelf.

  1. Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught

The Countess of Heavanhurst, Elizabeth Cameron has an impeccable combination of beauty and brains. On the other hand, Ian Thornton is an admirably handsome man with a questionable lineage and secret wealth. What happens when these two-people destined for each other are caught in the middle of betrayal, manipulation, and lies? Is Ian a ruthless fortune hunter or is there more to it than what meets the eye? Find out the depth of these classic characters described impeccably by New York Times best-selling author, Judith McNaught, and store it forever in your collection of cult classic romantic tales.

  1. A Passion Most Pure by Julie Lessman

What happens when Faith O’Connor finds the love of her life only to realize that he loves her sister? Set in the World War I era in 1916, the book is about Faith, a petite girl who falls for an Irish brat, Collin McGuire, who is anything but right for her. Moreover, he is secretly dating her sister. Will that stop Faith from being drawn towards him? Will the revelation of her love tear her near-perfect family apart? The book takes you through the elegant streets of Boston to the mountains of Ireland and satiates your desire for reading about passionate romance, shrewd rivalry, and ingenious betrayal.


Historical romance and the charm of the yesteryear characters, especially the ones set amidst the turmoil of the 18th and 19th centuries, never get old. Scores of masterpieces have been woven around this historical period. But, if you’re new to the historical romance genre, the above-mentioned novels should be your foremost picks.

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6 Historical Romance Novels Every Woman Should Give a Read