6 Signs It’s Time to Move to a Smaller Home

By on February 1, 2021
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When it comes to a home, bigger isn’t always better. While you once may have dreamed of a house with endless space and high-ceilings, as you grow older, you’ll most likely find more comfort in somewhere small and cosy. Here are six signs it’s time to move to a smaller home. 

1: The Bills are Expensive 

The cost of running a large house can be high, especially if the rooms are grand and tend to get cold in the winter. By moving to a home with fewer rooms, you will have less space to warm up, reducing your gas bill tremendously. 

If you are concerned about price, then have a look at some new build homes for comfortable spaces with affordable price tags. 

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2: You Struggle with Stairs 

A grand staircase can be beautiful, but what about if you can barely find the energy to climb it? As you get older, stairs can become a pain, signalling that it might be time to find somewhere with one floor only. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of options when it comes to smaller homes without stairs. Whether you want a bungalow or a ground-floor flat, you are sure to find a cosy home that doesn’t damage your knees. 

3: Your Family Have Moved Out 

Whereas once you might have needed a four-bed, two-bathroom home, if your little ones have flown the nest, do you really need all that space? If it is just you, or just you and your partner, you can cut down on space and bills by moving to somewhere smaller. Just make sure you keep at least one spare bedroom for when your family wants to visit! 

4: You Stick to One Room

What’s the point in owning a large home if you only ever make use of one or two rooms? If you find that you only ever tend to spend your time in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom, and you have several other rooms out-of-use, then you should consider moving somewhere smaller. By doing so, you’ll be more likely to make the most out of the space!

5: You Want Somewhere Cosy 

While huge homes can look fancy, smaller ones tend to be cosier. If you like the idea of a cushioned sofa in a comfortable living room with a fire, then have a look at some smaller houses to suit your needs. It’ll feel much warmer in the winter, too! 

6: You Dislike Cleaning 

If cleaning is the bane of your life, then you are not doing yourself any favours by owning a big home. Move somewhere where you only have to clean a couple of rooms instead. Less floor space means less sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. No one wants to clean five bedrooms every day, after all! 

Moving home isn’t an easy decision, but sometimes, it is the best one. If you find that your house has outgrown your requirements, then consider switching to somewhere smaller and cosier.

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6 Signs It’s Time to Move to a Smaller Home