Downsizing With Style

By on July 5, 2018

The revival of “less is more” has influenced many people to reevaluate their lifestyles and downsize their homes.  Downsizing is the newest trend in decorating with décor that is more simple and fuss-free than the opulence of the past.  This simpler life can set you free to do more traveling, creating, and socializing.

Now that you’ve taken the giant step and are moving to a smaller space, downsizing as it’s called, just how do you settle in, express yourself, and make it your own?  Whether the move to a smaller space is due to a job change, a life change, or a needs change, these are some techniques I use to create a fresh and usable new space.

Remember, in smaller spaces, every square foot counts.

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Get Flexible. Use furniture that works double-duty, for example, a desk can be vanity or a sideboard.  An upholstered ottoman can serve as a coffee table, extra seating, and storage. Use nesting tables and mobile furniture (on rolling casters).  Flexibility is the key.

Get Vertical.  Use tall furniture pieces, such as bookcases, built-ins, and armoires.  Not only does it draw the eye up, but you can double your storage space without having to use up valuable floor space.

Get Reflective. Wall mirrors, glass top tables lamps, mirrored furniture pieces, and metallic finishes don’t carry as much visual weight as solid wood pieces.









Get Symmetrical. Balance in a room is so pleasing that you don’t realize how compact space is.

Get Color. Don’t be afraid of color, but do carry a consistent color scheme throughout.  It creates unity and cohesiveness is a smaller home. Simple patterns are better than bold and busy.


Get Clever. Turn a small closet into an office.  Use suitcases as side tables.  A coffee table can double as blanket, pillows, or holiday décor storage.













Get Cornered. Little corner areas are not wasted space, make an eating area.  An art gallery.   Working office area.

Get Cozy.   Small space doesn’t necessarily mean small furniture.  Today decorators focus on fewer pieces that are dramatic in scale and appearance.   Showcase your sumptuous pieces but remember to keep the number of furniture pieces to a minimum and make sure they are complementary in style.


Karen’s list of things to always keep, sofa and matching chairs, armless chairs, a chair that swivels, anything with storage, matching lamps, and end tables.

And just as helpful is Karen’s list of things to get rid of, the stuff you never use, the books you’ll never read again, the things that are too big or too old, or the chairs that are just plain uncomfortable.

I’m a real advocate of doing good with your discards:  Give it to your kids now.  Donate to charity.  Take it to a consignment shop. Or even set it in the alley with a sign that reads “Free. Needs a good home”

If downsizing seems a bit daunting, getting the assistance of an experienced interior decorator can make it less stressful and achieve the beautiful living space you desire that much more quickly.

The goal is to make your new space a paradise and embrace your new way of life! Add some scent with a Single Room Essential & Fragrance Oil Diffuser.

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Downsizing With Style