5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Car This Summer

By on April 17, 2020

Summer is the perfect time to hit the open road and it’s almost upon us. So, it’s time to spruce up your car ready for those long summer trips and warm evenings on the road. 

There are lots of ways to help give your car a new lease on life. These 5 ways to spruce up your vehicle this summer will have your ride looking ready to go. 


Sometimes you just need a change and what better way than to get a new car? A new set of wheels is the ultimate way to spruce up your car, so keep an eye on the market for some good deals. 

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Make sure you’ve got the finances in place before you jump into any deals and if you’re really in need of extra money, then there are things such as title loans available to help you out. 

Car Paint Sealant 

Car paint sealants are a great way to protect your car from the wear and tear of daily use and it also makes it so much easier to clean. 

With a car paint sealant, you can keep your car looking shiny new for much longer, meaning sprucing up your car is a piece of cake. Whereas wax protects a car for about six weeks, a paint sealant will last for around six to ten months, helping to protect your paintwork.

This will help you keep your car clean and also maintain the car’s value when you come to resell it. 


This is just one of those things you’ve got to do every once in a while. Even if you’re a ‘no food in the car’ sort of person, dirt will still collect in footwells and on seats, and every once in a while you’ve got to spruce it up by vacuuming it out. 

However, if you’re more the ‘leave everything you own in your car’ kind of person, then this job will take much longer — but it will be even more beneficial. It’s a nice feeling driving around in a freshly vacuumed car, so it’s well worth it. 

Sound System 

If you’re a fan of rocking out to your favorite songs while you drive, then you always have the option of upgrading your sound system

Car journeys aren’t always fun, you get stuck in traffic, half the time they take you to work, and they can be very long, but at least you can chill out and listen to your music with a good sound system. 


If your car is a bit older and it’s missing some of the important tech, such as a phone connection that allows you to actually get your music to play through your swanky sound system, then it’s time to upgrade. 

Check out some of the top gadgets for your car and find the ones that are going to make your journeys better. 

There is lots you can do with your car, so get out there and treat yourself.

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5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Car This Summer