5 Health Tips for the Work-at-Home Professional

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By Chandana Banerjee –

When I started working from home eight years ago, I wanted to replicate the office experience in my home office. Right from the 9-to-5 schedule to sitting-glued-to-the-screen all the time to a short lunch break and no time for rest, I followed it all while keeping my nose to the wheel.

But almost every evening, after I’d switched off my laptop, I’d get a headache or my eyes would pain or I’d feel dull and stiff and sore. Also, since I was working from home and could snack whenever I wanted to, I ended up eating more, and put on weight in the bargain.

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It took me some time to figure out that while discipline is a great thing for work-at-home professionals, ignoring my heath was not. I cleaned up my act and incorporated these basic health tips into my work life.

Sip some water as you work. Keep a bottle of water and a glass handy, and drink some H2O as you work. You don’t have to wait to get thirsty and can sip water every now and then. Drinking around 10 glasses of water through the day will keep your body hydrated and nourished, and prevent headaches, stress and UTI.

Take bite-sized exercise breaks to stretch and move your body. You could take a short walk in the park near your house or around the block, do some simple calisthenics, skip rope, hula hoop or dance in the 5-10 minutes that you set aside every few hours during your work day. What I noticed that beginning my day with 20-30 minutes of yoga, Pilates or a brisk walk also helped me focus better and kept me fresh. Alternatively, you may like to head outdoors for a jog or walk after you’re done with your deadlines. The cocktail of oxygen, endorphins and sweat can be heady! Try it, if you don’t believe me.

Keep some healthy snacks handy for those times when you feel like munching on something or want a quick pick-me-up. A handful of omega-3 rich nuts, fruits, a bowl of yogurt or a sumptuous salad made with sprouts, veggies and wholegrain pasta are a few things you could offer your tummy.

Set time aside to rest. When I say rest, I do not mean that you need to snooze off for a couple of hours, but just lying down for 15 minutes or taking a power nap can energize you. Afternoon is also the time when our bodies tend to slow down, so a pinch of rest does more good than harm.

Whether you work at the computer, easel or jeweler’s desk, make sure you get some ‘off screen/easel/desk/work station’ time. Sitting for long hours in one place can make our bodies sore and stiff and achy. It may bring on a headache or general lethargy. So, after you’re done with your day’s work, slot in activities that take you away from the place of your work. You may want to read a paper-and-ink book rather than an ebook on a tablet if you work on a computer the whole day, cook a delicious meal, embroider or craft, meet a friend for coffee. Do stuff that invigorates you.

This article was previously published at: http://www.babystepstoworkingfromhome.com/.

Chandana Banerjee is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, military spouse, mom, closet illustrator and a writer with over 18 years of experience in writing for newspapers, magazines, websites, companies and blogs. Trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York, Chandana works with women, who want to heal themselves by harnessing the wisdom of their own bodies. She also writes about wellbeing, motherhood, self-care and working-from-home at her blogs www.chandanabanerjee.com and http://www.babystepstoworkingfromhome.com/.  She currently lives in Punjab, India.

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5 Health Tips for the Work-at-Home Professional
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