5 Features Your New Home Must Have for Over 50 Living

By on November 16, 2020

When you’re over the age of 50, buying a home is a completely different experience. It can actually be pretty freeing – and maybe even fun. That’s because your life circumstances have changed. Statistically, you likely have more income and savings than when you purchased your first property, you’re less likely to have children under your roof, and you may be thinking about the place you want to live in your retirement.

Buying a new home at this stage is about finding a place where you can live your best life. It’s all about you this time around. So, what should your new dream home absolutely have?

#1 Quality Construction, Move-in Ready

Now’s the time to make things easy. Purchasing a move-in ready home can be incredibly relaxing compared to the process of fixing up an older house. When you buy a new custom home, you know you shouldn’t have any major renovation costs or surprises for a good amount of time.

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Make sure you work with a company that provides quality construction and building materials. When you work with an award-winning home builder, you know you’re working with people recognized by their industry for outstanding design, construction, and service.

#2 Custom Features

For many buyers over 50, they have more purchasing power coming into the process than they likely ever had in the past, thanks to more equity in their existing property and more savings. That gives you the opportunity to be a more discerning buyer.

What’s the best way to get the place you really want? Custom features like cabinets, appliances, trim styles, and paint colors allow you to make sure your new house is perfect on the day you move in.

#3 Energy Efficiency

If you want a house that’s both comfortable in all seasons and doesn’t cost you a tidy fortune to heat, energy-efficient design and appliances should be on your checklist. The cost of energy is only increasing, and as you head toward retirement, it’s good to know that you’re doing what you can to control those costs.

One of the big features to keep an eye out for is Energy Recovery Ventilation, a system that draws more fresh outdoor air into your thermal envelope while reducing humidity. It’s an effective system for keeping your house comfortable affordably. 

#4 Bungalow Design

Bungalows have long been a popular design for people who are getting older. If you’re looking to buy that dream home where you can age in place and stay forever, one-floor living is something to consider.

#5 More Outdoor Space

One of the features most popular among older homebuyers is a larger outdoor to indoor space ratio. While families are often content to maximize indoor space on a smaller lot to afford themselves more privacy at home, older homebuyers might consider townhouses or move to the country for a bigger lot outdoors. When you have passions like gardening, or you want to enjoy more sunny mornings on a back patio, it’s always nice to have more room.

Get the place you’ve always wanted! Love where you live and don’t compromise on your hunt for the house you’ve always wanted.

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5 Features Your New Home Must Have for Over 50 Living