5 Fashion Rules for a More Youthful Look

By on September 2, 2014
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As we mature, personal style often takes a back seat to life’s many obligations. You’d be surprised, though, by how easy it is to reinvigorate your style with a few easy changes. By wearing clothes that flatter your figure, enhancing your look with the right statement accessories, and choosing figure-flattering foundations, you’ll look more put together and younger in attitude. Take a youthful approach to personal style with these simple five fashion essentials.

Add Height

One of the simplest ways of shedding a few years from your appearance is to reconsider those frumpy shoes that line your closet. As comfortable as flats are, some styles can make you appear dowdy and dated. A kitten heel with a touch of accent color gives you a heads up and delineates the calves. Clunky or square shoes weigh down your feet and your style.

Keep It Flat

While pleated pants may seem like a great idea for hiding tummy rolls, they actually make you look thicker in the center. Instead, choose slacks with a flat front and straight leg to achieve a sleek, youthful look. Translation: ditch those mom jeans. A straight pants line is instantly slimming and gives you a modern, on-trend look.

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Embrace Color

Black has long been heralded as the most sophisticated and ageless of colors, but as we mature, black can actually start to work against us. Black can be too harsh of a contrast between your skin and your clothing and can bring out the shadows of wrinkles and uneven spots. Abandon the black garb and try olive, mocha, and granite—they offer the same panache but with a more flattering effect. Pick a shade that enhances your skin tone and add a vibrant necklace for a pop of color and polished style.

Accessorize Boldly

A well-accessorized wardrobe can be the crowning achievement in your quest for chic and modern apparel. Bring attention up to your eyes with a bold scarf or statement necklace. A wide, fitted cinch belt can do wonders for shaving years off your age. A high-end designer handbag freshens up your look while pulling it all together; opt for a versatile and luxurious style in a neutral shade that can go from day to night with ease.

Create a Good Foundation

An estimated 80 percent of women wear bras in the wrong size, according to a study by Wacoal America, a high-quality bra manufacturer. This simple mistake can completely alter the appearance of your body—and not in a good way. A bra that is too tight can give you a lumpy look and add pounds to your frame, and a bra that fits loosely allows for sag. A correctly sized bra promotes a smooth silhouette and works with your body, not against it.

We all get an extra candle every year on our birthday, but that does not mean that we have to sacrifice style. With a few alterations to your wardrobe, some choice accessories and a few strategically placed bursts of color, you can reinvent yourself without seeming desperate to recapture your youth. Work with what you have. A younger-looking, more contemporary you is just a few smart choices away.

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5 Fashion Rules for a More Youthful Look