5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Dining Table

By on November 25, 2020
dinning table

Whether for a romantic dinner for two or a traditional holiday family gathering, the dining table becomes a focal point of your interior design during every meal. Fortunately, in this day and age, finding a top-notch great-looking dining table is not as challenging as it might seem – just visit room service 360 or BoConcept and pick the one that suits you most.

 However, even with a large selection of tables in front of them, people still make mistakes picking the best one. Multiple options can make the procedure even more confusing than it already is. You have to pick the right designer and manufacturer, choose an appropriate size and tabletop material, and so much more. Let’s look closer at the most frequent oversights people make and what you should avoid while picking the dining table.

1. Getting the Proportions Wrong

The table dimensions correlate to the number of people that can sit behind it. Getting a compact table if you usually don’t accommodate a lot of people seems like a valid option, right? However, if you live alone, you still need to be mindful of the events when you might need to sit a lot of people. If your dining room is a smaller size, think about purchasing an expandable table.

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However, selecting a monstrous dining table that takes too much space in the dining room is also not the best solution. Not only is it uncomfortable to navigate around, but it also will make everything else seem smaller. Also, reconsider getting a hefty table if you might have problems delivering it to a high floor or through narrow corridors.

2. Leaning on Trends Too Much

If you ask an interior designer which dining table you should get, they will probably mention current trends you might want to follow. However, when picking the dining table for your house, it is better if you rely more on your taste, your dining room design, and your needs.

 A steel and glass modern table probably wouldn’t fit well in a cabin in the woods, so don’t focus too much on what is popular at the moment. Furthermore, trends come and go, but the items you get stays with you. So, never buy something you might ever regret buying, even if it looks cool at the moment.dinning table

3. Not Thinking About Usability

Even if a certain dining table looks marvelous and adds to a perfect ensemble with the rest of the furniture, it might not be the right choice for you. Remember that you will use this item every day. Make sure it accommodates your and your family’s needs first, and think about how it looks later.

 So, if you have small kids – don’t buy metallic tables with sharp edges, or tables that will be easily and irreparably stained by them. If you’re choosing the table for the outside – make sure the material it’s made out of can withstand the weather conditions, including the constant sunlight and the humidity fluctuations. Overall – make sure you feel comfortable behind it. Even if you prefer eating in your office or in front of the TV – having a meal at the dining table should at least be an appealing option.

4. Forgetting About Maintenance

A hardwood table with an amazing finish might look great in your apartment, but it often can be easily dented or scratched. A lot of materials can be damaged by high-temperature objects on them, some are highly prone to damage by sharp or blunt objects. When picking the table for your dining room, you should be mindful of the specifics of the materials you prefer.

If you’re not ready to spend time and money on professional care, don’t buy tables made of high-maintenance materials. But even the sturdiest options require attention to look beautiful. So, follow the instructions given by the seller or find the proper maintenance guide for your table material online and keep your dining table looking new for years to come.dinning table

5. Thinking Too Much About the Price Tag

One of the mistakes people make often is looking for the cheapest item available and then wondering why their dining table breaks or starts looking worn down. Tables made of quality materials never come very cheaply, but they are worth it in a long run.

However, a high price does not automatically mean that the table you’re buying is the best in its class. Overpaying is not the answer either, if you can buy the same table for a lower price – you definitely should. So, be careful and spend some time researching the options before picking the one that suits you the most both quality and price-wise.

Buying the perfect dining table for your house is a challenging task. Even if there is the best selection of great tables at your fingertips, you may struggle to select the one that suits you best. There are multiple pitfalls you have to dodge in this process.

 With these common mistakes outlined, hopefully, you’ll have a better time picking the dining table. Just double-check if it covers your needs and expresses your tastes and preferences. Your home is a reflection of you, so make it unique and personal.

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Dining Table