The Dos and Don’ts of Modern Interior Design

By on February 4, 2020
Interior design

Modern interior design is one of the most popular decorating styles today. Although the term “modern” design has a broad definition, what distinguishes this style from others is the prominent use of clean lines, a monochromatic color palette, and incorporation of materials such as glass and steel. In general, simplicity is the primary principle that governs modern interiors.

If you plan to remodel your home inspired by modern design, here are several dos and don’ts you need to remember.

Do keep things simple

In choosing decorative elements for a modern home, always look for simple and clean shapes and lines. If in doubt, stick to a more neutral color palette. In buying modern bathroom furniture, for example, you can never go wrong with sleek, geometric shapes and innovative use of materials like metal and stone. You will want individual spaces to have a cohesive theme that focuses on simplicity and functionality.

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Do consider functionality

It is one thing to buy décor that is simple and modern, but it is quite another to make sure that they are functional. In the kitchen, for example, the fixtures and furniture you choose should not only incorporate the style but also still remain accessible and easy to use. There should be enough workspace and ample room for moving around.

Do incorporate technology with the design

Of course, when your interior is sleek and streamlined, gadgets should be too! Electronics and appliances should fit the décor and carry over the clean lines and simple elements. Therefore, use flat-screen televisions and computers in every room. Opt for built-in installations, especially for larger appliances like ovens and refrigerators.

Do choose an open floor plan

Another excellent way to incorporate modern interior design into your home is to choose an open floor plan. The living room should seamlessly connect to other spaces without having too much clutter or divisions in between.

Don’t over decorate

It is easy to get carried away buying décor and accessories when there are many good ones to choose from. But what you need to avoid here is having too many resulting in a cluttered, instead of a sleek interior. You need to be restrained and decorate purposely without adding too many elements that distract from the focal point of each room.

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Don’t forget to personalize

Modern interiors should not feel cold or boring. Despite the heavy use of clean lines and neutral colors, it is still essential to let your personality shine through. Perhaps you can choose a piece of art that has special meaning and feature it in one of the rooms. Look for furniture that expresses your personal style, and not merely according to the decorator’s recommendation. At the end of the day, your home should be an expression of your style.

Don’t forget the importance of lighting

Interior design is as much about the decorative elements as it is about lighting. You need to avoid using clunky chandeliers and lighting fixtures and opt for a simpler design such as recessed ceiling lights that create a modern vibe and ambiance.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Modern Interior Design