3 Ways to Boost Your Health Through Brain Fitness

By Amirah Mercer –

Do you see the text right above this sentence asking if you’d like to “Make text bigger”? Now imagine if you were able to train your brain to actually read smaller text, without ever having to rely on that button, or your own reading glasses for that matter. That’s the idea behind the mobile app GlassesOff, and it reflects a larger trend that uses brain fitness to increase your overall quality of life.

Contrary to popular belief, your brain can continue to grow into adulthood, with marvelous results for your body and mind. Adult brain cells have long been viewed as static and unable to change their structures. However, “brain fitness” has been introduced as a way to improve cognitive abilities by exercising the brain.

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Read on for three easy ways to boost your body and mind through brain exercises, from mobile apps to card games.

1. Play mobile and online brain games:

The aforementioned GlassesOff is the latest mobile app to use brain games that can help improve your near vision solely by boosting your brain’s abilities. GlassesOff uses “perceptual learning” to reduce, or even eliminate, the need for reading glasses, all by making the brain better able to interpret the “poor” information it gets from aging eyes. The use of these sorts of brain games has scientific grounds — last month, a study by the Department of Defense showed improvement in vision by people with traumatic brain injuries who had used technology from GlassesOff! Posit Science is another brain training company that helps to boost the brain’s capabilities, especially it’s cognitive functions, through brain fitness.

2. Challenge yourself with bridge, Sudoku, and crossword puzzles:

Engaging your brain in the widest possible range of activities has remarkable enhancement, and sometimes even restorative, effects on our sensory and cognitive functions. Even a fun night of playing cards, such as bridge, or a quick Sudoku session during your commute can help to “work-out” your brain. Those who are fond of crossword puzzles will be happy to know that this simple challenge is a strong brain stimulant. While you’re struggling to recall a word or name, you are simultaneously strengthening some of your most useful neural circuits — memory!

3. Ditch your notes and reminders:

You may not have known that mentally remembering something — instead of relying on notes and lists — can help exercise your brain! Your brain is actually made sharper by slowly ridding yourself of unnecessary notes and smartphone calendar reminders. Of course, it is much easier when someone or something helps you remember a date, such as a birthday, but it also makes you more dependent. In fact, any task for which you are dependent on a device causes your brain to lose its natural ability to cope with these tasks. Improving your memory, by simply working actively to remember important dates and tasks, will help to keep your mind young and sharp. 

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3 Ways to Boost Your Health Through Brain Fitness
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