Six Ways For Women Over 50 To Improve Their Image

By on May 1, 2014

Does your image say: Hire me or fire me? Promote me or demote me? Date me or hate me?

These are good questions for women, especially those women over 50, to ask themselves as their bodies and self-esteem are rapidly changing. Often they do not realize their image is not as good as it can be and should be for both professional and personal advantages.

What once fit or looked good on them, no longer seems to be as flattering. Makeup, hairstyles, hair colors, seems to be adding years to their look instead of taking them off as they no longer are right for the woman over 50.

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These are all issues that can keep a woman from being hired, promoted or even asked out if she is re-entering the dreaded dating world.

The great news is that a woman over 50 can actually look better than she did in her younger years and have more professional and personal success than she ever imagined simply by making a few important changes in her appearance.

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Try following these six ways to improve your image and discover you can actually look better than you have in years.

  1. Stop wearing clothing that is too tight or too big for you. Wearing improper fitting clothes are aging and uncomfortable and send the message that you do not pay attention to yourself and your career. If your seams are straining, or your pants are too loose please make finding the right fitting clothes a top priority!
  2. Wear less makeup then you did back in your 20’s, or wear some makeup if you never have before. There is a balance to seek so that you don’t look like you are wearing a mask or don’t even bother with the effort of applying some makeup. Sometimes mascara and lipstick are all that you need.
  3. Don’t wear dated-looking clothes as that guarantees that you will look older, out of date, stuck in the past, and incapable of changing with the times. Just because it still fits, does not mean it should still be worn.
  4. Stay on top of your roots. Not your family roots, but your hair regrowth. Do not let it be so apparent that you are covering up gray hair. In between salon visits, there are many touch up products available for you to use to cover up the gray or to match your highlights.
  5. Find out what clothes work best for your particular body shape and which manufacturers design clothing for your particular shape.
  6. Don’t wear shoes that look like they are for problem feet. There are so many choices now in footwear that looks stylish but do offer comfort and indiscreet support for a variety of orthopedic needs.

Making these changes will be a big factor in how successful and fulfilling the career and personal life of a woman over 50 will be. Make a few simple changes and get those people under 50 to look over their shoulders at you. After all, you are wiser, more confident, experienced and now a much better dresser too.

Scarlett De Bease – Wardrobe Stylist & Image Consultant

NOTE: This is an exert from Scarlett’s upcoming book on how to Stop Stressing About Dressing


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Six Ways For Women Over 50 To Improve Their Image