3 Ways To Boost Your Self-Esteem After 50

By on September 23, 2020

For some odd reason, many people end up feeling less self-assured as they get older. With all of their life experience, it would make sense that people over 50 would have high self-esteem and confidence in themselves.

Sadly, this is not the case for many people as they age. Instead of drawing on their years of wisdom, they only see the things that make them look and feel differently than they did when they were young. Between the greying of the hairs, and the loss of speed in their step, they see these things as defects and that kills their confidence. To keep this low self-esteem from creeping upon them, it pays to make a few changes to help keep those confidence levels up.

In this article, I will give you a few tips on things you can do to boost your confidence.


1 – Make some cosmetic changes

It is very true when they say that beauty is only skin deep. With that said, there are some parts of your appearance that may be making you feel self-conscious and is one of the causes of your low self-esteem. Certain things may make you feel unattractive but one thing to avoid is to try to look younger. There is nothing wrong with looking your age if you also look like you are taking care of yourself. 

For instance, if your teeth are discolored or chipped, then you may want to get veneers or crowns to give yourself a bright and beautiful smile. The cost of veneers vs crowns is a small price to pay for a nice smile that won’t have you feeling self-conscious. Have your hair done regularly so it doesn’t look messy or frumpy and wear clothes that fit you well. Once again, looks aren’t everything but if you aren’t putting effort into your appearance it tends to make you feel a bit down in the dumps.

These things taken together will make a huge difference in how you face the day when you head out. You’ll notice a different spring in your step and may even feel like people act differently towards you. It all stems from how you feel about your appearance.

2 – Get active

Exercise is a fantastic way to boost your confidence. For one thing, it will make you feel much better physically. When your aches and pains take a back seat, then you suddenly feel younger and more confident.  Think about how you used to get winded by walking up a flight of stairs. That likely contributed to your lack of self-esteem. When you get in better shape and suddenly, these things are not a problem you’ll feel like a brand new you.

Your appearance will also change for the better. Your skin will be smoothed out and your clothes will fit you better. Suddenly, you don’t mind what you see looking back at you in the mirror.

Physical activity sends endorphins flowing through the body which also is a great mood enhancer. When your endorphins are high, it can make you feel better about yourself. And then you seek out more endorphins so you keep exercising. It doesn’t even matter what kind of activity it is. From yoga to tennis to some kind of team sport, you should look into ways to get more active.

3 – Practice self-awareness exercises

There is a small voice in your head that tells you that you can’t do things, or that you’re not good enough. And over time, it can start getting louder. There are ways to drown out that voice and replace it with a more positive one that tells you that you are good enough and that you can do it after all. It does take practice, though. Luckily, there are activities that can help you practice this. 

They’re called self-awareness exercises and they are a way to help you make a habit of positive thinking. The most effective one is meditation. This is a great way to tune out those voices and just focus. As you reset your mind that negative voice will slowly fade away.

Daily affirmations are another great way to train your brain to go to a positive place and reject the negative. Throughout the day do a check-in to see how you are feeling and if you feel like you are not feeling your best, take a walk or find a quiet place to meditate for 20 or 30 minutes to reset.

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3 Ways To Boost Your Self-Esteem After 50