3 (Surprisingly Attainable) Secrets of True Beauty

By on January 9, 2015
True Beauty

Our appearance is valuable. Typically, it’s the first impression we give and a big representation of who we are. But looking and feeling your best starts on the inside. External validation, self-loathing, competition, punishment and other toxic factors don’t create true beauty or a dream body. The healthiest body begins with a relationship you build with yourself, one built on positivity, kindness, and compassion.

If you can be your own advocate, cheerleader and biggest fan at any weight wearing sweats on a bad hair day, then you have the foundation for cultivating a healthy self-image based solely on the acceptance and love you have for yourself. Then you will work out for good health because your positive motivators come from a healthy, loving place.

Once you enter into this new relationship with yourself, you’re going to experience ups and downs. Be understanding and forgiving. If you can master how to love yourself at all times, you’ll glow with a beauty that no amount of running or reps can produce. And as your relationship takes shape, you’ll start to feel yourself get into better shape, physically and emotionally.

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Living with a positive sense of self requires treating yourself well. The following trifecta of health and happiness can motivate your best self, so you feel great, live radiantly and yes even turn heads.

Intentional Fitness

A sharp mind and strong body need exercise to function optimally, but mindless exercise yields mediocre results. Intentional exercise is about setting and achieving goals, feeling proud of your accomplishments and applying yourself to produce a specific type of outcome.

“I’d watch so many women work out with such unintentional, hours on the elliptical, busting their butts to target their ‘problem areas,’ and return the next day with little progress and not a glimpse of happiness or pride showing on their faces,” powerlifter April Kretschmar said on Instagram.

Pledge to run a certain number of miles as a commitment to a training program. Practice yoga to replenish the soul and relax the mind. Lift weights to build muscle and be strong. Find a workout that gives you purpose and makes you happy and proud.

Eating as Nourishment

Strive to make the majority of what you eat functionally. Think of food as sustenance to power you through your workout, charge your mind and energize you throughout the day. This doesn’t mean you must food-shame yourself or deprive yourself of certain foods 24/7 do that, and you’ll just end up feeling unsatisfied and fantasizing about what’s off-limits. Undeniably, food is a major part of our emotional, social and celebratory experiences. We’re not just eating to refuel; we’re not cars, as MindBodyGreen points out.

Find balance. Replace food as a coping mechanism for negative feelings like stress or boredom. Free yourself of judgment, and be in control of your decision-making, whether it’s choosing to eat grilled chicken or a burger and fries.

It’s OK to Indulge

We deserve to treat ourselves every now and again to look good and be happy. Denying yourself life’s finer things get old fast. Update your wardrobe by splurging on a hot pair of boots or a floral-printed scarf. Spring for a designer crossbody bag from a high-end brand. Enjoy a delicious meal and drinks at your favorite restaurant with friends and family. A shopping splurge or delicious indulgence can bring a smile to your face and smiling is ultimately the best way to look good.

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3 (Surprisingly Attainable) Secrets of True Beauty