3 Mindset for Christian Women Entrepreneurs to Reach Success

By on January 15, 2013

The entire month of January, we are training on the power of your mindset at the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs. We are blogging about it, discussing it on the CAFÉ call, learning about it from our experts, and taking stock of ourselves with our template for the month on self-sabotage.

Last week I shared about the 8 mindset mess-ups of excuses mindset, victim mindset, bad choices mindset, blame mindset, doormat mindset, insecure mindset, overwhelm mindset and self-sabotage mindset. Go here to read the entire article.

So what is the solution and what do we do with this MESS? Luckily we are given some miracles from our Father who is the master at changing and improving our mindset. And by the way, God is NOT surprised at all by anything we ever think or do. Sometimes I forget that. I think I might by sneaking one by Him. Funny huh? Let’s look at what I call Mindset Miracles that we can CHOOSE to engage in. Each time one of the old thoughts comes, we can recognize it and then replace it.

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The 3 Mindset Miracles are:

1.     PERMISSION: Give Yourself Permission

This sounds so natural and yet it isn’t. We are so accustomed to not getting what we want, or to making sure others are taken care of before we are. We have to learn to give ourselves permission to do things, or not do things.

Today I give myself permission…. to be strong and brave, to really show up. Today I give myself permission to be fully present. What do you need to give yourself permission to do today? Do you need to stop working so hard? Or go on a vacation?  Or raise your fees?

Action step: Write down what you need to give yourself permission to do each day on an index card that you will see. Place it on your mirror, refrigerator, or right at your desk.

2.   PROCLAMATION: Claim a new contract

Let us now make a “proclamation”. We want to create a new and improved definition of who we are and how we will show up in our business. We give ourselves what I like to call a CONTRACT, which becomes a living and breathing statement…. a proclamation.

Some examples of this:

“I am a successful and sought after spa owner.”

“I am a brave and brilliant bakery owner.”

“I am an innovative and in-demand photographer.”

“I am the CEO and President of my company.”

A few years ago, I had what I call my CEO day. It was April 20th, 2010 and I was at a training event with a consultant for a program that I was ready to implement but just needed the final push to get over the hump. During the afternoon of this training, the coach asked us each to stand up and introduce ourselves for a 2nd time by claiming our new title as either CEO or Founder and President. What a powerful life changing moment for me!

The truth of the matter was that nothing changed that day, and everything changed that day. I woke up to my own title that I already had. I posted it on Facebook. I claimed it as my own. No one was going to give it to me. I am my own boss. I am an entrepreneur. Powerful.

Action Step: What is your title? What is your contract? What will you proclaim for yourself? Decide and announce it publicly today. Post it on your social media accounts, change your business cards. Claim it.

3.   PRACTICE: Letting go of perfection

We have to allow ourselves to let go of perfection and move to a place of PRACTICE. We never arrive and the product, store, event, program will never be perfect. This is really a given for the life of an entrepreneur. We have to allow ourselves the ability to get comfortable with never being DONE. We have to trust the process and keep showing up for the practice.

Action Step: How can you shift yourself daily from the perfectionist thinking? What one thing do you need to complete today that is GOOD ENOUGH?

As a former mental health counselor, mindset changes are vitally important to our success in business. You cannot take a magic pill. But you can ask God to help you and begin to “transform and renew your mind”. Stay tuned for more information on this topic as we journey through this month as I share about mindset miracles, the inspired women succeed recipe, and much more!

To get the mindset support and training you need this month and every month, come join us as a member of the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs and I will gladly be your business therapist! Join us today! http://nacwe.org/nacwe-membership/


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3 Mindset for Christian Women Entrepreneurs to Reach Success