10 Top Sofas for Different Room Layouts: Choose the Right One

By on January 15, 2013

Whether you need an inexpensive sofa to last a couple of years or you want it to stay with you for years, understand your room’s layout before you shop.

You don’t buy the shoes that look good on someone else without trying them on no matter how much you like them, right? So, why would you buy a sofa without ‘trying’ it in your own space as much as it is possible?

  • Take a fresh look around the room.  
  • Notice your room’s  architecture as if you’ve never seen it before. This is easier said than done because we are so attached to our homes. It is like looking at yourself in the mirror.
  • Make many pictures of the room to distant yourself from all the familiar objects in your room.
  • Look at your doors and windows.

If your room has at least one door, you have a closed floor plan and your sofa will look better against the wall. In this case, you may choose a couch with straight back, deep seat and higher  arms.

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Word of advice if your room is rather small:

If your room is very small, stay away from bulky sofa arms and overstuffed pillows as they can look much larger than they are.

‘open’ room layout sofas

If your room has no doors but rather entryways, you have an open floor plan.

For open, or floating room plan, your couch will look better in the middle of the room, “floating.” In this case, choose sofa with a lower back, visually more rounded or slimmer shapes and lower arms. Many of the couches of this type have attractive backs. If the back is plain you can use sofa tables behind it.

Here are the examples of some of my favorite modern sofas for different budgets.

1. Burton James- GFR 31Runyon

90 in. wide 44 in. deep 35 height seat height 18 in. seat depth 23 in.

This is a living room sofa that is slightly curved and it is ideal with oval ottoman or a table in front. It works for a closed room type or in a very large open living room. It is chic as much as it is comfortable. Because of the deep seat (23 inches) it is comfortable for a taller

2. Lee Industries. Sofa # 3423-03 

outside 88 in. wide 42 in.deep 39 in. height

inside 27 in. wide 23 in. deep seat 18 in. height

Equally elegant and comfortable it can be both living room and family room sofa. It has straight back and will look perfect against the wall. It gives full back support and deep seat is great for taking an after dinner nap.

3. Thayer Coggin – Cosmopolitan 

90 in wide 38 in. deep 38 in. height seat height 16 in. seat depth 24 in.

This sofa is a fashion statement. Its bold, architectural lines are simple and well proportioned. Exaggerated, bulky arms create a feeling of simplified luxury. The seat is quite low and it is more suitable for people that are younger or not very tall. It can be used for both closed and open room layouts. Notice: this sofa has low seat and make sure you are comfortable with it.

4. Patagonia Trading Company- Eastwick

96 in. wide 41 in. deep 33 in. height seat height 18 in. seat depth 24 in.

This is a large and deep living room sofa with pretty tufted back and it can be used for both, against the wall and in the middle of the room, floating.

5. Lee Industries – Apartment Sofa #3068-11

outside 72 in. wide 38 in. deep 34 in.  height

inside 63 in. wide 24 in. deep seat 16 in. height

Slim but comfortable, it is perfect for apartment or a small room where full size sofa does not fit. It is very proportionate and pretty. It can be used within many different styles and looks light and simple. It looks great against the wall or can be used to separate two areas.

6. Hickory Chair- Jules

89 in. wide 39.5 in. deep 34 in. height

This is perfect family room sofa that can be used both, floating or against the wall. Many parts of the sofa are made by hand. It has hard wood construction as well as separate cushion system under each seat. The sofa is elegant, simple and classic. It looks great with almost any upholstery fabric.

7. Jessica Charles- Theodore #1703  

outside 82 in. wide 37 in. deep 35 in. height

inside 69 in. wide, 21.5 in deep

You will never have to worry about fixing the back cushions with this one. Designed for a smaller room it is not as wide as others but has generous depth. It also comes as sleeper.

8. Thayer Coggin- Hadley 

86 in. wide 34 in. deep 26 in height; inside seat 22 in

Simple, young mid-century classic that can be used for almost any room location and function including as an office sofa. Because of the its scale, it does not provide full back support and it sits quite low.

9. Rowe- Chelsey

86 in wide 38 in deep 37 in height

Comfortable and casual with perfect dimensions, this sofa can be used for both family room and living room, floating or against the wall. It can be incorporated within many different decorating styles and budgets.

10. CRLane- Clayborne 

86 in. wide 42 in. deep 35 in. height seat 21 in height

This sculptural living room sofa will make a statement within any interior. It sits tall and deep and has beautiful details. It can be used floating in a large room or with a twin sofa across as well as an office sofa.

Before you buy.   

  • Make a list of all the features of your room and take many pictures and video.
  • Make a floor plan if possible
  • Get upholstery fabric samples sent to your home and look at them in different light.

I can give you many money-saving tips but only one of them is important:

The most expensive way to decorate is to redo, which is not even always possible.

In all honesty, it takes me days and weeks to choose a couch or a sofa for a client. By now I am used to the fact that all the ground work is something that I do obsessively.

The sad part is that there is nothing “artistic” about a good couch, it just has to be made right, to your taste and flow in the room. In fact, the better it is, the more simplified it looks. For more buying tips, please refer to my previous post by clicking here.

Please let me know how it goes and ask me many questions. Don’t forget to share this post with family and friends if you find it helpful. There is nothing more valuable to me than hearing from you!


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10 Top Sofas for Different Room Layouts: Choose the Right One