3 Baby Gear Essentials for Your New Grandbaby

By on April 23, 2015
3 Baby Gear Essentials for Your New Grandbaby

By Abby Terlecki –

As a new grandparent, your new role in the family is to 1) spoil this little one rotten, and 2) be the on-call babysitter. But you’re also an expert resource with decades of hands-on experience, and you can help the new mom and dad transition into parenthood.

You already know the tips and tricks of taking care of a newborn and raising kids, and now’s the time to position yourself as the strong and knowledgeable pillar of parenthood who’s going to help your son or daughter adapt to their new role — starting with the right baby gear. The following three baby care essentials make great gifts for new parents, and that’s where you, Grandma and Grandpa, come in.

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Swaddling Blankets by SwaddleDesigns

A swaddle blanket soothes newborns and replicates the calming comfort of a mother’s womb as the infant transitions to life in the world. Share how swaddling supports baby in a natural position while ensuring legs and hips are flexed in the snugly wrapped blanket. During the first three months, if baby is having trouble sleeping, swaddle the little one into a secure bundle to help reduce the startle reflex that causes arms and legs to flail. Baby will wake up less and sleep better — which means Mom and Dad can have a better night’s rest, too.

Supine swaddling, which is swaddling back-sleeping infants, helps keep babies safely on their backs as they sleep and reduces the risk of SIDS. Tell the new parents that swaddling also reduces colic and fussiness and even helps the little one learn to breastfeed.

Baby Bullet by Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet Baby Bullet prepares and preserves fresh baby food concoctions. It’s a food system for creating a wide range of nutrient-rich baby food for the best nutrition and healthy development. The food system includes:

  • Baby food processor with two blend blades for mixing soft or textured foods
  • Three-piece batch bowl to blend large quantities of baby food
  • Six date-dial storage cups for tracking dates and food preparedness
  • Spill-proof storage tray where you can organize cups
  • Small cups with resealable lids
  • Milling blade to turn rice, grains and oats into fine cereal powder

If the Baby Bullet sounds overwhelming, make sure new parents know the food system includes a user manual, cookbook and pocket nutritionist.

Kozii by Kiinde

New parents are faced with plenty of decisions, such as to breastfeed or formula feed. As a grandparent, you want your grandbaby to grow up happy and healthy, and breastfeeding is better for the little one. Nursing helps protect against infections, allergies and chronic conditions.

No matter which feeding route the new parents go, the Kozii can help. The Kozii is a breastmilk and bottle warmer that uses a nutrient-safe water bath at a low temperature to warm your little one’s meal. It’s designed to prevent risks of hot spots, nutrient damage and dangerous chemicals that can be exposed by using steam, hot/boiling water or the microwave. “Fast, easy and safe” nursing will only make parenthood a more beautiful experience for the new mom and dad.

Parenthood can be a rocky road, but it’s always a beautiful journey.

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3 Baby Gear Essentials for Your New Grandbaby