28 Blogs Looking at How You Can Build Smart Money Habits Early

By on August 17, 2013

According to the 2012 NFCC (National Foundation for Credit Counseling) Consumer Literacy Survey, only 56% of American adults have a budget. However, having a budget in place can help you delegate money for savings, bills, purchases and charitable giving. It also serves as a good way to teach your children the benefits of budgeting and proper money handling. In these 28 blog entries you will find tips and tools to help you teach your children smart money habits while they are young.

Saving Habits

How much you can save each month is dependent on how much you earn, which is an important lesson to teach your kids. One way you can help them understand this is through giving them an allowance or by paying them for odd jobs around the house. When they want to purchase something, you can explain the difference between saving up for big purchases and giving in to instant gratification. These seven blog articles explain how you can help your child learn about saving their money.

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Money Management

When your kids receive money, you should have a method in place to help them separate money into different categories, such as saving, giving and spending. This will help your kids understand that money has value and is not just a toy, and will help them begin to understand the basics of money management. Take a look at these seven blog posts for money management tips.

Charitable Giving

One way you can teach children to learn the value of a dollar is to show them the importance of charitable giving. If you belong to a church, you may want to suggest that your child tithe some of her money each Sunday. Another way you can show her how beneficial it is to help those who are less fortunate is to let her pick a charity that means something to her, like the ASPCA if she loves animals, and have her donate to it. These seven blog articles explain more about the importance of teaching your kids about charitable giving.

Shift Money Attitude

Toy companies know that kids are easily influenced by advertisements, and they readily capitalize on this by flooding them with colorful, beautiful ads that appeal to them. For this reason, it’s important to explain to kids the difference between need versus want. Check out these seven blog entries to learn how to shift your child’s money attitude for the better.


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28 Blogs Looking at How You Can Build Smart Money Habits Early