10 Strategies That Can Help You Break Your Alcohol Addiction Habits

By on February 10, 2022
alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction is the most common type of addiction. Around 107 million people are addicted to alcohol on a global basis. Among them, 30% are women, and the rest, 70%, are male. Alcohol is considered a celebration drink for almost every event. Whether it is a marriage function, an official or business event, or any other celebration, the use of alcohol is really common in the United States. That is why most people do not even understand how and when they develop a dependency on alcohol addiction. 

What matters is you have made the decision of quitting it and coming out of the addiction to lead a healthy and sober life. Bravo! However, quitting alcohol all by yourself can be a little dangerous, as it comes with severe withdrawal symptoms. They need to be handled properly with medical treatment. Thus, opting for a detox center is a must-hear for the recovery treatment. 

Ascendant NY suggests the most suitable recovery treatment program, which is specially designed for you on the basis of several major factors. 

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10 Strategies That Can Help You Break Your Alcohol Addiction Habits

When you are thinking about quitting alcohol, we would love to help you in your addiction recovery journey. Therefore, we have curated a list of strategies that can actually assist you in breaking your addiction to alcohol. 

Strategy 1: Admit The Problem Exists

At the very beginning, you have to admit that you have developed a dependency on alcohol. Ultimately, you are the only person who is going to get out of the addiction world. Self-realization plays a huge role in addiction recovery. 

Forget about what society thinks and what your neighbor thinks. Alcohol addiction is not a bad habit; as they say, it is a health issue. You need to admit it. 

Strategy 2: Say No To Your Addiction

After admitting that you have developed a health condition of alcohol abuse, you need to make up your mind about quitting alcohol. No one can make the decision on your behalf. It is your life; you are suffering from addiction.

So, you have to make a firm decision of saying no to any type of addiction, especially alcohol, as you have already been addicted to this substance. 

Strategy 3: Go For Professional Support

If you think that you can get out of the addiction on your own, we will not demotivate you, but it is not safe. When the withdrawal symptoms start to become worse, you will need professional assistance. Enrolling yourself in an inpatient recovery treatment program is the best solution. You can find one of the best detox rehabs in Massachusetts.

The treatment includes; 

  • Individual therapy.
  • Family therapy.
  • Group therapy.
  • Peer support groups.
  • Detox and Mat or Medication-assisted treatment. 
  • Chemical dependency counseling. 

Strategy 4: Appreciate The Perks Of Sobriety

Sober life has a lot of things to offer you, such as; 

  • Improved physical and mental health. 
  • A greater sense of freedom. 
  • Better financial stability. 
  • More time to invest in what truly matters to you. 
  • Healthier relationships with family and friends. 

Strategy 5: Evidence-based Care

Evidence-based treatment is being customized only for a particular individual. By considering a bunch of factors, a recovery treatment program is developed. It always ensures the most recovery success rate. 

It includes; 

  • The overall health condition of the patient. 
  • The type of substance they are addicted to, in your case, will be alcohol. 
  • For how long has the patient been into substance abuse. 
  • The severity of the addiction. 

Strategy 6: Evaluate Your Triggers

A trigger is responsible for causing emotional reactions based on experience. In the case of alcohol addiction, triggers often cause a powerful urge of using the substance again. Some of the common triggers are; 

  • Social isolation. 
  • Uncomfortable emotions. 
  • Stress.
  • Physical or mental illness. 

You need to identify your own triggers and have to avoid them. This way, you will keep yourself away from falling for alcohol once again after your recovery. 

Strategy 7: Change Your Environment

Your surrounding environment also plays a huge role in developing an addiction and also in recovering from that. So, in case your environment is the main reason behind the addiction you have developed. 

Strategy 8: Accept The Past

You have developed an addiction to alcohol. You can not change what has already been done. What you can do is, change your present and future. It is best to accept the past and work at the present to build a better, addiction-free and sober future. 

You do not need to feel embarrassed for your addictive behavior, as it is a health condition. You should opt for an addiction recovery treatment and take the treatment for developing a better future with a sober version of yourself. 

Strategy 9: Exercise

Your addiction recovery treatment includes a routine of fitness activities and exercise. It not only helps you in developing your physical health but also ensures your mental and emotional wellness. You should consider continuing the exercise routine. 

Addiction recovery takes a serious toll both on your physical and mental health. Ao, during and after your recovery program, your health needs the benefits of exercise. 

Strategy 10: Develop A Healthy Routine

In-patient rehabilitation programs include a healthy routine. Here the patient opts for a healthy meal plan, exercise, productive behavior and indulge themselves in different hobbies. Once you have completed the addiction treatment program, do not stop following the routine. 

You need a scheduled structure for everything so that you do not get the time to go back to alcohol addiction and keep improving your overall health. 

Break Your Alcohol Addiction Habits

Quitting alcohol addiction is not a matter of a joke. Withdrawal symptoms require proper medical attention and need to be treated with the right medications and therapies. It does not only affect your physical health but also your mental and emotional status. 

Therefore, enroll yourself in a reputed and specialized rehabilitation program, and continue following the things we have mentioned in this article. Break your addiction with healthy habits and routines. 

We wish you a better, healthier, sober, and addiction-free future. Happy Recovery!

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10 Strategies That Can Help You Break Your Alcohol Addiction Habits