Three must-visit spots in Praia da Luz

By on February 10, 2022
Praia da Luz

Nestled along the western edge of the Algarve, Praia da Luz is a beautiful and serene resort town. Only 5km away from the bustling city of Lagos, Praia da Luz offers a seaside escape for all. Its glorious beaches and tropical temperatures make the Algarve one of the top tourist destinations in Portugal

Luz was originally a fishing village, but since the 1980s has transformed into a popular tourist resort. The town remains rich in the history that is written across its landscape. In this blog post, we will take you through three of the must-see hotspots of Praia da Luz to get you ready to plan your next sunny getaway.

Praia da Luz (the beach)

Praia da Luz

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The main attraction of Praia da Luz and its namesake, this magnificent stretch of sand spans the length of the town and is bookended by picturesque cliffs and rocks on each side. The waters are sheltered and therefore calm and clean. These shores boast a European blue flag indicating just how clean, accessible, and safe they are.

Luz takes pride in its family-friendly beaches with lifeguards on duty throughout summer, so whether you want to paddle with the kids or tap into your adventurous side and go bodyboarding, this beach has it all. A range of water sports facilities is on offer in summer also, including water skiing and kayaking. It’s worth noting however that despite the Mediterranean climate, the water remains pretty chilly all year round but don’t let that put a stop to your lazy beach days where the whole family can soak up the endless sun.

The Black Rock and cliff views

Praia da Luz

On the east side of the beach is a large black cliff known as Rocha Negra. It’s formed from the black volcanic rock of an ancient volcano that erupted over 150 million years ago. Compared to its sandstone neighbors, Rocha Negra stands stark in comparison providing striking views. It is possible to get up-close views of this stunning natural landscape through a short hike. The terrain may be steep, but the panoramic views at the top are spectacular. 

If walking isn’t your thing you can also cycle around the sights of Luz with bikes that can be rented daily, alongside a vast range of ways to see the best sights in town.

Restaurants and cafes

Praia da Luz

After a long day of sightseeing, what is better than settling down and eating some delicious local fare. This beach resort offers an array of restaurants and cafes with a selection of cuisines to suit every appetite. You will find a varied choice of venues including a pizza and tapas bar, as well as restaurants that cater to vegetarian and vegan diets. Being that Luz is a seaside resort, many restaurants focus on dishes using freshly caught fish. Take your pick of the best local food along the promenade against a backdrop of idyllic seaside scenes. For an extra special romantic evening, book a table in the town’s 16th-century fort with impressive ocean views.

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Three must-visit spots in Praia da Luz