10 Hot Beauty Trends for Every Budget

By on February 13, 2017
Beauty Trends

Looking fabulous doesn’t come cheap. Although skin technology has seen plenty of advances in recent years, finding and buying the right skincare products can cause a big hole in your wallet. What do you do if you want to enjoy the year’s hottest beauty trends and to stick to your budget? Here are 10 latest beauty and skincare trends you can enjoy no matter what kind of budget you are working with.

1. Facemasks

Facemasks are a great beauty trend to enjoy. You can find masks for all types of skin types and skin problems, from hydrating masks to cleansing masks. So, whether you are looking to rejuvenate dull skin or to reduce blackheads, you can find a mask. If you are ready to splash some money, consider Nugg Beauty Sheet Masks. For a more budget-friendly alternative consider a Collagen Essence Full Face Facial Mask Sheet by Dermal. The brand’s other vegan-friendly masks are also worth trying if you want something effective, but affordable.

2. Superfood serums

Superfoods have long been part of our diets, but ingredients such as kale are also finding their way into our beauty cabinet. Superfoods tend to have a high concentration of nutrients that can help skin regenerate cell tissue faster. The vitamins in serums like De Rose Health product line help nourish the skin, boosting its ability to repair the tissue.

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3. Microblading

Dreaming about the perfect eyebrows? If you have a bit of extra money to spare, you might want to consider attending a micro blading session. It’s a trendy way to sculpt those brows. The cheaper alternative is to learn to thread your brows. It’s not as fun as attending a beauty treatment, but it’s lighter on the wallet for sure!

4. Face brushing

Dry face brushing can exfoliate your skin and boost its circulation in an instant. You should opt for the waterproof facial cleansing spin brush set when working with a tight budget or pick the Aveda Tulasâra Facial Dry Brush if you can afford something bit more luxurious. Both products are long-lasting and easy to keep clean. Remember to dry brush your whole body every once in a while with specialist brushes – the whole of your skin can benefit from this relaxing procedure!

5. Sprinkling of mist

Face mists will continue to be a trendy addition to your beauty regime. They add great energy to your look in the morning or when you’ve had a rough day at work. Avène’s Thermal Spring Water Spray is a budget-friendly option that can help soothe an irritated skin and soften the cells to create a less-stressed appearance.

6. Hydrating water

Hydrating water products, like Klorane’s Micellar Water, have replaced the wet wipes as a beauty staple. If you are looking for great hydrating water and you don’t mind parting with your money, check the Omorovicza Oxygen Booster for a plumbing finish. It doesn’t just hydrate; it also gives your skin a bit of a facelift.

7. Glossy face

Another huge beauty trend is the glossy, shiny finish – not just in eyelids, but across the face. The MAKE’s Face Gloss is an affordable option to go with, but if your budget allows it, you can also shop the Milk Face Gloss.

8. Probiotic cleansing

2016 introduced us to probiotic skincare products and the trend is going to grow in 2017. Probiotics help cool the skin, providing essential nutrients to the cell tissue to slow down the aging process. Éminence’s Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser helps clarify and moisturize the skin in an instant.

9. Looked after eyes

You should also add a good eye cream to your beauty regime, as you’ll want to reduce the appearance of lines around the eyes. A good budget option is Bae Body Eye Gel. It has an emollient texture and hardly any irritating ingredients. Instead it delivers what it promises – skin around the eyes that looks revitalized and youthful.

10. Luxurious transformative textures

Skincare products are starting to transform in front of our eyes. The trend of transformative textures is here and you want to splash your money on the Darphin 8-Flower Nectar Oil Cream, which looks like balm, but transforms into amazing oil when used.

Now when it comes to shopping beauty and skincare products, you can keep your total bill in check by being smart with where and when you shop. Don’t buy from the first shop you see the product in, but browse online to find better deals. You should also take free testers whenever possible, as they help you test whether a product is worth spending money on or not. Ultimately, the great products can be worth splurging on if they provide your skin radiance and glow.

So, pick your favorite skincare trends from the above selection of 10 and find the product that fits your budget. Look around online and in-store to ensure you take advantage of special promotions and don’t part with your money unless you have the budget and the knowledge to invest in the luxurious product.


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10 Hot Beauty Trends for Every Budget