10 Clever Food Swaps That Will Make You Healthier Every Day

By on August 25, 2017
10 Clever Food Swats that Make You Healthier

The average person’s diet is filled with processed foods and preservatives, which contain high amounts of sugar, “bad fats”, and even synthetic chemicals we have no idea how to pronounce. Luckily you have plenty of healthier choices available to swap out with most foods. But the initiative to make these changes is totally up to you. Below are 10 healthy food swaps that not only help keep the calories low, but also make your life a bit healthier in the process.


#1: Balsamic vinegar and olive oil instead of bottled salad dressings.

Almost all bottled salad dressings contain higher amounts of calories and fats that cause you to gain fat and lose energy. There are organic brands pre-made without preservatives, but they will cost more money.

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Make sure to watch the amount of olive oil that you add to your salad. While olive oil contains of good fats, it does add up quickly to your calorie count (1 gram of fat equals 9 calories).

#2: Cruciferous vegetables for dinner instead of rice, beans, or potatoes.

Cruciferous vegetables have a lower amount of calories and carbs when compared to other food types. Try to replace the rice in your favorite rice dishes with cauliflower rice and you’ll definitely eat fewer calories and carbs.

#3: Use chopped fruits in place of syrup for breakfast.

10 Clever Food Swaps

Fruits have a naturally tart sweetness to them and provide plenty of nutrients that your body needs to function properly. Trading corn starch for antioxidants and fiber is definitely a far better choice. You can even take the fruits and place them in a blender so it’s easier to pour over your pancakes!

#4: Love to eat chips and crackers? Snack on air-popped popcorn instead!10 Clever Food Swaps

Popcorn has a lot fewer calories than crackers and potato chips, but make sure that you are not smothering them in butter or you are defeating the healthy swap out. If you’d like to give your popcorn some extra taste, pour a little olive oil or honey over them and a pinch of salt to really get your taste buds going. Popcorn also contains plenty of fiber, which is considered a zero-calorie ingredient that our bodies actually cannot digest.

#5: Whole wheat pasta in place of regular pasta.

Regular pasta has been “stripped” of most nutrients and left with just empty carbs mainly. Whole wheat pasta retains its nutrients and provides the body with fiber as well. There are boxes of pasta that are reinforced with protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids as well. Think of it as a supplement mixed with pasta.

#6: Drink green tea instead of coffee for your caffeine fix.


Caffeine is actually good for your body in moderation unless you have a medical condition. It is known for its energy-boosting, increasing fat loss and mental focus as well. Green tea has less caffeine per cup than coffee but it has far more health benefits than coffee.

Green tea can help with keeping your cardiovascular system in better shape, it can help to keep your cholesterol in check and research showed that green tea can boost your working memory. So at the end of the day, instead of reaching for a cup of java, try to reach for a cup of green tea.

#7: Manuka honey in place of sugar for warm drinks and toast.

Manuka honey is naturally sweet yet mild compared to other natural honey. This ingredient is also capable of possibly helping with blood pressure regulation and lowering your cholesterol levels. However, manuka honey is still primarily made up of sugar. Ensure that you only use this in small amounts daily.

#8: Organic peanut butter instead of “natural” peanut butter.

Natural is allowed to be placed on the label of any product really since the FDA does not have a regulation on what needs to be natural. Have you noticed non-organic peanut butter is creamy and never filled with oil on top? The reason why is because the hydrogenated oil placed in the tub is used to keep it this way. Basically you want to see oil settling on the top!

#9: Like to eat popsicles? Try replacing them with water-dense fruits.

As mentioned, you gain a lot of fiber, vitamins, and minerals from consuming whole fruits. Berries and melons make the best swap outs. Popsicles generally have plenty of artificial ingredients that only causes weight gain through high sugar content.

#10: Small dashes of ginger powder to replace salt.

Salt causes your body to retain water and can lead to hypertension as the year’s pass. You do need this micronutrient but in only small amounts. Consider ginger powder, especially if you are always on the lookout for ways on how to lose fat.

It has numerous health benefits too. Ginger is known to reduce nauseousness, help decrease muscle pain and soreness and it can help with lowering the blood sugar levels and decrease the risk of heart diseases. Even though ginger has a different taste than salt, it can help spice up your meal in a far healthier way.

These Food Swaps are Effective and Possible to do

It is never too late to start switching out unhealthy foods with wiser choices, and the list provided today is just a small fraction of the ideas you can choose. You should attempt to try every swap that applies to you if you seek to live a better lifestyle. Your body will thank you for the changes!




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10 Clever Food Swaps That Will Make You Healthier Every Day