What You’re Forgetting Before Your Move

By on May 9, 2019

Moving is difficult for everyone; it isn’t fun to uproot your entire existence and transplant yourself to a new space. It’s not uncommon to lose or break precious belongings, to get injured dragging heavy furniture around or to incur major expenses trying to move your things from here to there.

However, if you haven’t moved in a while, there are probably more than a few things you are forgetting to prepare for. Whether you are finally investing in the real estate of your dreams or you are downsizing to a more manageable lot, you need to be ready for every obstacle in your move — so here’s a guide to what you need to remember to make your move as smooth as possible.

Downsize First

It’s a waste of time and money to move all your old junk into your new place. Plus, if your new home is smaller than your old one, you might lack the space to put all your current belongings, making it difficult to make the transition successfully. It’s far better to downsize your life before you move, ridding yourself of unnecessary items before or while you pack. Whether you practice the popular KonMari method or perform your own, self-guided declutter, you should avoid relocating anything you no longer need or want.

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Compare Movers

Not all movers are created equal. It’s important that you find movers you can trust to handle your belongings with care and charge you a reasonable fee. It pays to do plenty of online research into customer ratings and reviews of various moving services, but you should also contact a few potential movers to get a sense of their customer service as well as quotes to understand your potential costs. In big cities like Philadelphia, hundreds of moving companies are available, so you should be able to find the perfect movers for you.

Collect Records

Important documents should be among the first items you organize and pack for your move because the information contained in those documents will help you over the coming, turbulent weeks and months. For example, you should find your medical records, your financial records and your motor vehicle records, so you can have them on hand when you respectively obtain a new health care provider, start making mortgage payments and apply for a change of address on your driver’s license and car registration. It’s wise to keep this sort of information in a locked, fireproof safe or even a safety deposit box, so they don’t get lost during the move.

Check Secrets

When you live in one place for decades upon decades, it’s not uncommon to keep secret stashes of things in odd places around your home. For instance, your kid might have kept a hidden contraband underneath a loose floorboard in their room, or you might have buried some silver coins in a jar in the backyard. Now’s the time to check all your hidden stashes and retrieve the valuables that you want to take with you. It might take you a few weeks to remember all your secret locations, so give yourself plenty of time to remember them all before you leave.

Pack Plants

While you can’t transplant your entire yard into your new home, you can pick and choose a few plants Movefrom your garden to bring with you. You should prioritize the plants that have some kind of sentimental significance to your life at your old home; for example, you might bring a cutting of a rose bush you planted for your first child or seeds from a fruit tree you planted for your retirement. You should only move plants in the peak of health and pay attention to their care during the move, so you can enjoy living plants at your new place.

You should also remember to collect any yard care tools you’ll need on your new property. Because these are often kept outside or in a backyard shed, they are easy to leave behind.

Pick up Clothes

No doubt, you’ll remember to bring along any clothing in your closet or dressers — but what about the clothes you have scattered around the rest of your home? Often, people move out before checking their washers and dryers or the clotheslines outside. Additionally, if you are relocating far from your old property, you should check your dry-cleaner for any unretrieved paraphernalia. Then you won’t wonder where your favorite shirts and slacks are when you get to your new place.

Moving is so chaotic that it’s easy to forget the basics like silverware and toothbrushes. If you make a list and strive to stay as organized as possible during your move, you’ll forget less and enjoy the transition to your new home so much more.


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What You’re Forgetting Before Your Move