Your iPhone Can Help with Your New Year’s Resolutions

By on January 1, 2015
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By Stephen Collins –

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, the discussion of New Year’s resolutions is starting to heat up. What will your resolution be? Your iPhone and some key apps can help you stick to your resolutions.

Weight Loss

This is probably one of the most common resolutions, and often one of the most difficult to achieve. Luckily there is a great app that can help you out on your weight management resolution: My Fitness Pal. By keeping track of exactly what you eat every day you can see a complete breakdown of your intake of everything from calories to fats to vitamins. You can pick from thousands of pre-stored foods and meals, input your own or scan barcodes to automatically input all nutritional information for the foods you eat. It also syncs with your computer allowing even more control and the creation of meal plans.

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Another common resolution is getting more exercise. If you are looking to get into resistance training, Fitness Builder is a great tool. It comes loaded with dozens of workout routines for every ability level and will help you get the results you are looking for. For those who are more cardio-oriented, the Nike+ app is the perfect solution. It can track your runs whether they are on the trail or a treadmill, and it even has training programs if you want to prepare for a 5K or upcoming marathon.


Getting organized is a great way to improve your life and make your time more effective and efficient. By getting Awesome Note for your phone you can quickly track and organize everything you need in one easy place. It lets you color code different categories and includes notes, picture taking abilities, journals, lists, important date reminders, and even the ability to draw and edit right in the app. It also has cloud backup, syncing across multiple devices, Google Drive and Evernote compatibility, and Bluetooth transfer capability so that you can access it anywhere and anytime and share your plans and ideas with anyone you want.


If your goal is to travel more next year, having an app like TripIt Pro on your side can make your life immensely easier. Not only does it take your confirmation emails and translate them into easy-to-read instructions of where to be and when to be there, it can also inform you of flight delays and gate changes. Not only does it cover your flight information, it can also be updated with things like car rentals and other scheduled events. It even helps you keep track of your mileage and bonus points so you can travel further and faster for less.

Just remember, whatever apps you choose to download and use as you start the new year, none of them will matter if you don’t have access to your phone. Planning ahead and taking advantage of a company like Protect Your Bubble can be a life saver should the unfortunate happen. Its protection plans cover nearly anything that can happen to your phone, and in many cases you can get a replacement the next day.

However you set up your life to change and be better in the upcoming year, the biggest thing to remember is to do things for yourself not because you think others want you to. Use your phone to help you stick to your resolutions and watch your quality of life grow and improve.


Stephen Collins was born in Phoenix, Arizona and has spent most of his life in the Southwestern United States, playing among the cowboys and aliens. This admitted lover of sci-fi and fantasy developed a passion for the written word early in life and began writing at a young age, mostly for the thrill and joy of the experience. He is currently working on his second book while continuing to weave his wordsmithing magic as a freelance writer.

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Your iPhone Can Help with Your New Year’s Resolutions