New Year, New Hairstyle?

By on January 8, 2013

By Tamekia Reece –

Out with the old, in with the new? If you’re tired of the same hairstyle you’ve worn for months (or even years!), January is a perfect time for change. Need a little inspiration? These gorgeous celeb’ hairstyles will have you turning heads all year long!

Jessica Lange’s voluminous shoulder-grazing curls are sure attention-grabbers. The highlights, especially those framing her face, take what could be a “plain” look and  turns it into “stunning”. Those lovely locks are perfect for any occasion – day or night.

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Photo Credit: Joella Marano

Thinking of going short? Try an upgraded pixie cut. Viola Davis makes a regular pixie cut look sexy and sophisticated with a longer fringe structure and swooping bangs.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Ryan/


If you’re really feeling bold, try on a new color. Other than her superb acting skills, Dana Delany is known for one thing. Her coveted fiery red tresses! You don’t have to go red if you don’t want; however, trying something different, even if it’s only adding highlights, is an easy way to give your old look a new twist.



Photo Credits-Nadjah Amireh

Bangs can go a long way toward giving your old style a new kick. And they help you look younger. Beauty experts say bangs disguise forehead wrinkles and hide’s crow’s feet. Just be sure your stylist doesn’t do too blunt of a cut because blunt cut bangs look too harsh. Goldie Hawn’s wispy bangs are just right. They can be worn as is or side-swept for a fresh look.

Photo Credit: Cristiano Del Riccio

Want to go long (or stay long) after 50? Copy Jane Seymour. Her wispy bangs, bouncy waves and face-framing highlights make for a ‘do that is both elegant and fun!


Photo Credit: David Shankbone


If you’re usually a curls and waves type woman, try going straight like the naturally curly Julia Louis-Dreyfus. This long and sleek style looks good worn down or pulled back into a messy bun.


Photo Credit: Siebbi


If you’re looking for change, look no further. Sharon Stone has worn her hair long and straight, long and curly, short and curly, in a razored bob, a ponytail, braids, and her iconic pixie cut. Whatever look you’re considering, chances are, Stone has done it before. Here, her hair is pinned back to give her a ‘do that looks both messy and glam.


Tamekia Reece is a freelance writer in Houston. She’s written for Woman’s Day, Parents, Preserving Your Memory and, among others. Reach her at

About Tamekia Reece

Tamekia Reece is a health writer living in Houston, TX. She’s written for Woman’s Day, Parents and Oxygen, among others. See her website at

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New Year, New Hairstyle?