Writing Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing to LivingBetter50 (LB50) and our content-rich website. LB50 is always accepting encouraging, entertaining, educational and spiritual articles and stories for consideration from authors, bloggers and everyday women who have a desire to equip women 50+ to live better.

We are very interested in hearing from journalists and in receiving articles, reviews, and opinion pieces from readers. So please, if you have something you want to say and would like to see it published – please contact or submit your articles to [email protected] . Any published articles receive a credit line, bio and a link to your email or Web site.

General Agreements & Policies

Submission of articles and confirmation of receipt of the article is not a statement of acceptance that the article will appear in LivingBetter50 website (LB50). It is understood that in submitting an article for consideration that LB reserves the right to select its method of publishing on its content-rich website.

Upon acceptance of your article for usage, you will be notified by email. At this time LB50 does not compensate for articles.

Keep in mind that the magazine’s lead-time is 30 days (Subject to change) and LB50 is published monthly. Any submissions should not be time-bound that they might appear dated. We assume no responsibility for unsolicited queries or manuscripts.

We will do our best to respond to all submissions promptly, but due to volume and deadlines, it may not always possible to do so. If your article is selected, you will be notified. Though you may not hear back from us right away your article may be perfect for a future issue and will be kept on file in case it fits with LB style and editorial calendar.


Before submitting an article for consideration please visit www.LivingBetter50.com to become familiar with LB’s style, tone, and readers. LB50 is an online magazine that offers content in an entertaining magazine format that is relevant to women who are nearing or are 50+ years old. We are a more conservative magazine and want to be sure that contributors take that into consideration and are sensitive to our target market that includes women of faith.


All content provided to LB50 becomes the property of LB50 who LB50 reserves the right to edit all reader contributions for clarity or length. Changes (sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, grammar, syntax, lengths) will be made at the discretion of the editorial staff. Articles may be edited as necessary to comply with our editorial standards. All headlines, subheads, table of contents copy, captions and other miscellaneous related editorial copy may be written and edited based on our editorial standards.



the total length of articles submitted for consideration should be between 500 to 700 words including sidebars. Those articles not chosen for a particular issue may be kept on file for future consideration. If the article submitted has appeared in another publication please note publication name and date published. See detailed submission guidelines below.

Book Excerpts
LB50 accepts book excerpts for consideration that are relevant to our editorial and our readers. Excerpts are generally longer but we would still ask that they are kept at 800-1000 words. See detailed submission guidelines below.


LB50’s editorial sections cover many aspects of a woman’s life. Please review the following section descriptions to help you better understand the content we’re looking for:

A place you can come for educational based information and articles done in an entertaining format on topics from the latest on wellness and health, treatment reviews, nutrition, and menopause. And we invite other to join our contributing nutritionists to address concerns and questions that our members have through our active Community Forum.

Here our readers will find fun and interesting ideas and articles on beauty and fashion for the 50+woman not the typical fashion trends that you often find on other websites, magazines and blogs for the twenty and thirty something’s. We also have a regular feature called “NewYou- The Ultimate Make-Over.” We want contributors as well as our members to submit stories and before and after photos to share with our readers. We encourage content and contributors who will help give our readers ideas for creating a signature look and style for the 50+ woman!


As one of the hottest topics for us Baby Boomers, our goal is to provide our readers with information on products, services, procedures and reviews to help them make better choices and decisions on what they buy and use. We also want to invite members to share their own experiences with products and services and general lifestyle practices that they have found to be helpful in maintaining vitality and youthfulness.

For women 50+ it’s no longer an option if they want to remain or become fit in their golden years, they must have a regular fitness routine! And we want to help our demographic discover ways to do that. We encourage content about programs and other sites that will appeal to the 50+ woman. In addition we provide information on healthy eating and dieting that leads to increased energy and improved health status! We invite reviews on popular diets as well as new ones that are built on healthy eating and not crash dieting.

Home & Travel

Home is often where our hearts are and yet many women 50+ love to travel too! We hope to bring a good mix of Home Style articles and information on creating a home environment that is comforting and organized. In addition, we have a “Food” page that will include recipes and stories that aim to inspire foodies and the love for cooking. And we want to invite our members to share their own favorite recipes! And as for the travel bugs, we feature stories of world travel as well as within the United States. We have a “Resorts & Spas” page that offers a list of our favorite ones as a reference for our readers. We also invite vendors to submit their own copy and photos for consideration. We plan to include stories of interest for the areas that the resorts and spas are located to enhance our editorial content.

This section is dedicated to covering issues of marriage, family & friends, as well as the individual in a way that supports and encourages emotional health. We want to provide content that addresses relationships based on principals that support marriage and family values! And we welcome members and contributors to share their personal stories under our Heart-to-Heart Page.

Money & Business
We’ve taken a little different approach to the topic of money, and will explore and discuss the concept of our personal connection with money under our “You & Money” page. In addition, we know that women nearing or 50+ may have more options and be making changes in their career or businesses. Our goal is to provide the most current ideas and tips under our “Women-in-Business-Today” page. In addition we will feature money saving ideas and tips on the “Pennywise” page, and finally information on being responsible with what we have and a list of organizations that readers can learn more about as they take step, as this feature is titled, towards good, “Stewardship.”

This section promises to set us apart from many other publications and online magazines, with an emphasis on the spiritual health and life of our readers. We will have daily devotions posted on our “Devotions” page and offer the opportunity for content for our “Words-of-Wisdom” page to share life experiences as well as the Word of God. We invite contributors to submit content that would complement our values at LivingBetterat50+. We also offer a page for organizations and businesses to post information on our “Conferences & Events” page that would be relative to our demographic.

This is a section that we’re very excited about and want to encourage readers to participate in! Readers who register have the opportunity to share comments, ideas, feedback, and submit stories, articles and content. We want to provide an opportunity for our members to connect with one another as well as our Regular Contributors and LivingBetterat50+ editorial staff. In addition, we plan to develop a Women-Business-to-Business Directory to encourage members to use one another’s services and products. We want our readers to become more connected and we plan to become more connected with our members! This is also the section that includes the profile pages of our Regular Contributor; helping members connect with our contributors.

Submission Guidelines:

Please note – we’d like ONE email per article submission. Attach the following documents and files in one email in order to ease the workflow for our editorial staff. All article submissions and book excerpts must be submitted as MS WORD (.doc) files and include the following:

  • At the top right corner of the first page please include: Your name and email address along with the number of words in the article (not including bio)
  • A short 3-4 sentences biography should follow the end of the article/submission.
    Be sure to include your web link.
  • Headshot: High-Resolution JPEG no larger than 200 x 150 px. Please name your jpg file with your name EX: Mary_Smith.jpg.
  • All article submissions are to be sent to [email protected]. You will receive an e-mail notification of receipt. Notification of receipt does not indicate acceptance of your article only receipt of your files.

Book Excerpts/Review Copies

To have an excerpt of your book considered for publication (generally 800 to 1000 words) please send the following:

  • Review copy
  • Sample Excerpts for usage (include word count)
  • Sample Q & A if applicable


Writing Guidelines