Work Station – Desk Designs for Freelancers Working From Home

By on February 1, 2014

By Ben Verdi –

As a productive freelancer, a proper work desk can enhance your creativity and working style. A good work desk should have organized design, proper lighting and loads of creativity. Take a look at ways to accomplish this feat.      

Unlike the working atmosphere you get in office, freelancers working from home need to come up with creative work station ideas. Designing a good work station at home helps a freelancer work better and let out his creative ideas. Organizing the home office requires some innovative plans and judgment of par.

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Here’s what’s he can do with his work station at home:

Deciding on the Placement of the Desk

No doubt that there can be hundreds of creative ideas about the writing desk. Ranging from organized replicas of office to comfortable working lounges for a geek, there’s a different work station for each one of us. However, for productive freelancer we recommend a work desk that salutes the natural light and is featured with organized dressings. Preferably, design the work desk facing a window so that you stay energetic during the working hours.

22Space Allocation in the Work Desk

Basically, the choice of desk design depends on the freelancing work and schedule you have. Because, we are discussing about a writing desk in particular, it should have an appropriate width and height. Moreover, the desk should be spacious and equipped with cabinets where you can keep documents or keep records.



235fe56Lighting Your Workspace

Call it a myth or a fact, but freelancers love to work during the night. In such case the natural light from the windows won’t be adequate. For smaller work desks, table lamps prove out quite handy without acquiring much space. If working in a big room, you illuminate it with a center light and have a soft light to add comfort to your eyes and work place.



organized-workspaceEquipping the Work Desk

As your work desk at home is a replica of an office work station, you need to keep it equipped with all the basic stuffs you require during the work. Designing the workplace with spacious cabinets and shelves can act versatile and save a lot of precious time. Plan the frequently used things close to your study area, whereas the books or documents should be arranged on shelves. Remember to keep basic stationeries well in your reach so that you don’t have to search out for them every time you need them.

051209_an_iynque1_mediumCustomizing the Work Desk

When it comes to work desk customizations, choices are endless and there are numerous creative ideas that can be tried out. For instance, if you wish to design the work desk with a modern trend, you can have asymmetrical sitting arrangements flanking to a relaxing area. Adding paintings or mirror next to the work desk is great customizing technique. You can have different reference books or magazine to lighten the working atmosphere. Aromatic candles, flower pots or motivational posters can be some other great options for a attractive workplace.


comfortable-workspace-design-arranging-workspace-for-a-comfortable-and-productive-at-workThings to Avoid

Because it’s about the writing desk for a freelancer working from the home, it becomes his responsibility to maintain proper working courses for himself. Similar to the office, avoid keeping things like cell phones, iPods or telephones near the workplace, so that you don’t get distracted while working on something important. Moreover, keep the work desk neat and clean so that you don’t get annoyed or troubled while working.



A freelance writer, Ben has been working from home for the past 7 years, and advocates the work station of any writer to be ergonomically designed, and kept well equipped with all that might be needed at a hand’s distance.

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Work Station – Desk Designs for Freelancers Working From Home