With the New Year Just Ahead – Say Goodbye to a Bulging Waistline

By on December 7, 2015
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So, you’ve enjoyed a few too many mince pies and turkey sandwiches the Holiday, and now you’re battling a bulging waistline…maybe finding it difficult to fit into your favorite pair of jeans. This scenario is played out by many people every January (or maybe year-long). Fortunately, the New Year is the perfect opportunity to make new lifestyle choices.

Make some healthy and fitness orientated New Year’s resolutions, and you can say goodbye to your bulging waistline by the spring.

Make being active a way of life


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There are countless opportunities in life to get active, so try not to use your lack of spare time as an excuse for your sedentary lifestyle. If you work at a desk, stand up and walk around whenever you can. Get off your train a stop early and walk the rest of the way home, or buy a bike and get to work with your own pedal power.

Use the stairs instead of the lifts, and use your lunch hour for quick power walks around the block. Getting active doesn’t necessarily mean making huge changes to your daily routines. Use a fitness tracker such as the Fitbug Orb to monitor your activity levels, as your data can be easily viewed at any time via a simple, easy-to-use app – allowing you to modify your approach to health and fitness on an ongoing basis.

Go green

You can give yourself a natural energy boost by eating more green vegetables. Leafy green vegetables such as spinach and kale are filled with nutrients, and they are so low in calories, they can be burned off during the digestion process alone. There is also evidence to suggest that eating lots of green vegetables boosts the immune system.

Snack more

Yes, that’s right, snacking can actually help you to lose weight… and keep it off. But instead of turning to crisps and chocolate bars when you’re peckish, make sure you always have a supply of fresh and dried fruit at the ready. Start the New Year by fighting hunger pangs with healthy snack options such as chopped carrots, rice cakes, and fruit, and you’ll feel and look better by the spring.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with healthy options

It is only natural to crave sugar and sweet things during a New Year’s health and fitness regime. Rather than trying to ignore these cravings, you should prepare yourself for them by having a few healthy weapons at your disposal. A stick of sugar-free chewing gum can sometimes do the trick, and so can low-calorie yogurts, fruit and diet soda. A great way to get your chocolate fix is to drink a low-calorie hot chocolate drink – which can contain fewer than 50 calories.


Make exercise more interesting

Too many people give up on their New Year’s health and fitness regime because of the monotony of exercise. Instead of pounding the treadmill for an hour or relying on the same workout routine at the gym day after day, get social when exercising. Join a local sports club or run with friends. Listen to music on your stationary bike or watch the TV when you’re doing your daily three-miler on the treadmill. Do whatever you can to make exercise both fun and something you look forward to.

Drink more water

Some people can mistake dehydration for water. So, instead of turning to the tap when they’re dehydrated, they turn to sweet and fatty treats in the fridge. Keeping your hydration at a healthy level at all times will keep your stomach full, and improve your energy levels in readiness for exercise. If you don’t like drinking water, avoid the temptation of turning to carbonated drinks, full-fat milk and huge glasses of fruit juice. Instead, drink herbal and iced teas, and eat lots of fruits and vegetables that have high water content.

These New Year’s health and fitness resolutions are easy to remember – and even easier to implement in your daily life. Just a few changes to your daily rituals and a little self-discipline should help you to bring in the New Year with a new you.

By Ayo Olaniyan 


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With the New Year Just Ahead – Say Goodbye to a Bulging Waistline