Why Do So Many of Us Break Our Fitness Goals?

By on January 7, 2015
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By the American Council on Exercise (ACE) –

“It’s because without a plan and a coach, people throw lofty goals into space,” says Cedric Bryant, Chief Science Officer for the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

If you already failed at your resolution or think you might, don’t give up on a healthier you in 2015. We asked ACE for tips on staying motivated beyond January.

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  • Take small steps:If your goal is too large or vague you may get deterred if you don’t see immediate results. Small changes are easier to stick to.
  • Change for yourself:Any goals you set for yourself should come from a sincere desire to change yourself. Don’t let negativity creep in and derail your progress.
  • Be creative:Find ways to exercise while also accomplishing other tasks. Walk to the grocery store, ride your bike to work one day or go outside and play with your kids.
  • Be realistic:Make sure that your plan is realistic. Set realistic goals that you can accomplish day-by-day.
  • Anticipate roadblocks:Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate with your workout plans; have a back-up plan in place. If you do miss a day because of sickness or weather, don’t let it discourage you from your goals. It’s about adopting a long-term healthy lifestyle, not a quick fix.
  • Hire a health coach: The newest trend in fitness isn’t a tech gadget or new pair of shoes. Part personal trainer, part nutritionist, part everyday cheerleader- health coachesgo far beyond helping you exercise. Health coaches address behavior change, physical activity and nutrition to empower people to positive, long-term healthy change.

For more information on staying fit in 2015, follow the ACE Fit Facts Blog.

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Why Do So Many of Us Break Our Fitness Goals?