Why Cancer No Longer Needs To Be a Death Sentence

By on September 1, 2015
why cancer no longer has to be a death sentence

By Marion Pyle−

There are times in one’s Christian walk when a trial hits so hard it brings you to your knees. That happened to me in 2012 when my husband was suddenly diagnosed with deadly bladder cancer.

It made no sense. We ate well, exercised regularly, didn’t smoke or abuse alcohol. Admittedly, we probably worked too much, but that was normal for the fast-paced Los Angeles media and communications world in which we lived. What could possibly have gone wrong?

There was little time to figure it out. Within a week, Russell was in surgery to have a tumor removed. After the procedure, the doctor announced that “he’d gotten it all.” Being ridiculously naïve, we thought we could now simply resume our happy lives. But a week later, when the pathology report revealed more cancer still lurked in the bladder tissues, the reality hit: This wasn’t the end of our trial; it was barely the beginning.

We were informed that this type of cancer was so malevolent it would not respond to chemo and radiation and Russ would probably need to have his bladder out to save his life. Though we got another opinion, the second oncolocogist confirmed Russell probably had less than five years to live.

Sometimes God hurls us into the great unknown, where we are completely out of control, so we can grow new spiritual muscles. During these dark and terrifying times, while we grope and develop, we come face-to-face with our human frailty, our total dependence on Him and our need for radical trust. There is simply nowhere else to turn! If we do not cling to Him, we risk being hijacked by fear, depression and despair.

Truthfully, we were tempted and gripped by all of these in varying degrees throughout our journey. However, we found that believing—really, truly believing—God’s promises repelled the enemy’s lies, reassured us of God’s love and mercy, and His divine protection. It filled us every day with the courage to fight—and fight fiercely.

Slowly but decisively, God led us to a whole new world: the world of integrative oncology. This practice combines the best of conventional and alternative medicine in remarkable ways. Integrative therapies do not get the patient sick to make them better, they’re also painless and immune boosting so the body can either prevent or overcome disease.

Though we were thrilled to have something that might give Russell a fighting chance, we still did extensive research about how these therapies worked. Encouraged by many studies and testimonies, we then embarked on a suite of protocols that included a therapeutic use of nutrition and supplements, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy, plus Class IV Laser and Pulsated Electromagnetic Therapy.

I explain all these in my book “Healed, Healthy and Whole, How We Beat Cancer with Integrative Therapies and Essential Healing Strategies.” It’s worth noting that throughout his treatments, Russell felt so well that he led a completely normal life—what a blessing!

Parallel to the physical therapies, we held a regular sessions of intensive prayer. Focused prayer is powerful and we knew it was the wind under our wings that helped with our mental, emotional and physical endurance. At one point, our prayer partners numbered more than 100 and lived as far away as Australia and India. We were so honored and blessed by them all!

It was early December when, after ten months, Russell finished his therapies. January 2nd, we phoned the hospital to get the lab results. We could hardly breathe. The nurse cheerfully declared that Russell’s tests indicated “all clear, no traces of cancer.” Suddenly, just like that, it was over! Except for regular check-ups, we were now officially done. We could hardly believe it! There were no words, just shouts of praise and tears of joy.

A spirit of overwhelming gratitude led me to compile all the events, lessons learned and resources into a book that would honor God and help others. We pray that our journey will bless those who are struggling so they’re also able to one day shout from the rooftops: “I am Healed, Healthy and Whole!”

To learn more about our Healed, Healthy and Whole book and seminars, please visit us at www.healedhealthyandwhole.com.

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Why Cancer No Longer Needs To Be a Death Sentence