What’s Your Love Language?

By on June 19, 2015
what is your love language

In all of our personal relationships – whether with our spouse’s, partners, mothers, daughters, friends, etc – there are gestures, words, and actions that make us feel loved and appreciated more so than others – and those things vary from person to person.

According to Gary Chapman’s book, the five love languages are:

  1. Gift Receiving

    receiving gifts

  2. Quality Time
    quality time

  3. Physical Touch
    physical touch

  4. Acts of Service
    acts of service

  5. Words of Affirmation
    words of affirmation

It’s pretty fair to say that women, more than men, like to receive gifts as a way to communicate love and affection – on their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Likewise, words of affirmation are a universal way to express appreciation and love. Whether you are saying “thank you,” “you’re special,” or just “I love you” – straightforward words of affection can be done on paper as well as spoken aloud. Put words of affirmation and gift-giving together – and you’ve got a love-packed power package.

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Both of these love languages – both gift-giving and words of affirmation – can be expressed with one little gift package from Lemon Drop. And regardless of what your love language is, everyone gets excited to receive a gift in the mail – especially when it is full of the kinds of goodies you get in a Lemon Drop gift package.

Lemon Drop gifts communicate your love, affection, and friendship when you can’t do it in person. I have a friend who travels all over the United States doing ministry. She is often on the road, but often stays for an extended period of time with a host family or friend. When she does, one of the things she looks forward to most is receiving cards and packages from loved ones.

Do you know someone who is ill and homebound or an elderly woman who cannot get out much? When you are too busy to be able to visit all of them regularly in person, monthly Lemon Drop packages will help brighten their isolation. Or maybe your best friend lives in another state? Surprise her with monthly Lemon Drop packages. The convenience and time it saves you from going from store to store or even site to site to put together a package yourself is worth every penny. And the handpicked gifts include a photograph and postcard to let the recipient know who sent it, so you can send those words of affirmation that are so often needed.

 Lemon Drop Gifts are a wonderful way to send a gift to someone special to us. And unlike a typical subscription program, you can place the order in advance according to month and recipient, without required monthly shipments, and Lemon Drop handpicks special gift items every month which you can preview on their website.

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M.E. Simpson is a freelance writer and content marketing professional, who writes for numerous online and print publications. She currently resides in south-central PA and enjoys Zumba and playing the piano.

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What’s Your Love Language?