What to Do with All of Your Photos

By on November 21, 2017

By Lucy Parks—

We need memories. They are what connects us, they are what we revisit, and they are what make us who we are. As we get older, memories fade. Thankfully, photos never will, and with the power of technology, we can take photos and videos of absolutely everything we experience. These photos can be incredibly invaluable, or they can be a burden. Taking all the photos you could want of the things you are interested in and the ones you love may seem like a great thing, but having too many means that you will never be able to appreciate them. 

That is why you need to sort through and share your photos with your loved ones, and have them do the same. You also need to make sure that your digital memories are stored correctly, securely, and are protected. To do that, follow these steps: 

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  1. Secure Your Digital Data 

The best part about securing your digital data is that it isn’t just useful for backing up your photos. You can back up all your data at once, and can even free up the storage space on your computer. The best way to do this is to use Backup Secure services to not only automatically backup your data, but to do it so that your data is protected. 

  1. Use Metadata 

Having photos and storing your photos is one thing, being able to access them again is another. That is why you need to go through and actually add metadata to your photos so that you can easily find and locate memories again. Do this by adding tags, colors, and even sorting photos into the appropriate folders. The more precise and consistent you are, the better. 

  1. Create Highlights 

When you come back from a weekend away, or a day trip, or even if you just had a great afternoon, you should sort through all of the photos and videos you and your loved ones have taken. There are many apps that let you easily share all the photos you’ve taken of a day together with those who were there, meaning you can have access to everyone’s photos. Once you have them, choose a top ten and set them aside. 

  1. Add Narrative 

A picture may say a thousand words, but you should also add a narrative along with your photos. Write a short summary of what happened in the day, keep funny quotations, and more. You can then either post this as the caption if you share the highlights on social media, or you can keep it for another use. 

  1. Create Photo Books 

There are so many ways you can create photo books of your own, and for a very affordable price. All you need to do is use the software, add the photos and the text you have written, and compile the book. You can then order as many copies as you like. This is doable because on-demand printing is becoming increasingly common. These photo books are the perfect gifts and memory keepsakes! Think of them as the updated version of a photo album. 

When you have a lot of photos, you need to store them correctly and safely. You also need to condense them into a format that you can better access, like a small album. Share this album online or create a book of many of your memories of the year, and you’ll have a perfect keepsake.

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What to Do with All of Your Photos