Wellness Trends for Seniors

Wellness trends

Research and technology have provided many new ideas for maintaining health and improving quality of life at every age. The growing senior demographic has embraced many of these ideas that promise to help them live longer, be more active, and feel more engaged as the years pass. Here are just a few of the wellness trends that can help seniors maintain good health and enjoy activities more fully as they age. 

Greater Focus on Healthy Eating

As more research uncovers the benefits of a healthy diet, seniors are turning to the foods that help them stay active longer. Obesity is an increasing problem around the world. The links between obesity and heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and joint issues make eating a healthy diet more important than ever. A proper diet is critical to weight management. Focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, nuts, beans, legumes, and healthier oil can improve general health and function as people age. 

Supplements to Boost Health & Wellness

As we age, we may not have the same appetite we once had.  Health conditions or medications may require that we abstain from certain foods or use different day to day products. Supplements don’t have to be pills, they can be wellness products that agree with your body’s mechanics more than the traditional alternatives. For example, some toothpaste brands give users allergic reactions, something you may have submitted your mouth too for decades! Now with alternatives widely available you can spend the time and effort to find out what types of products make your body feel best. Vitamin and mineral supplements can help to fill the nutritional gap in their diets, providing an easy way to get their daily minimum requirements for good health. Also, some supplements can relieve discomfort from osteoarthritis, digestive problems, and other issues with fewer side effects than pharmaceutical measures. Of course, you should always check with your doctor before starting a supplement to prevent interactions with medications or other problems. 

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Renewed Focus on Exercise & Fitness

Staying physically active has been found to help seniors manage their weight, reduce joint problems, encourage good circulation, and even improve cognitive function. Getting outdoors for walking, bicycling, golf, and other sports improves health at every age. Neighborhood fitness centers, some of which cater directly to seniors, provide a variety of equipment and trained counselors to help increase muscle strength, improve flexibility, and optimize balance. Many seniors report increased energy, better joint flexibility, and sounder sleep with the use of supplements and regular exercise.

Mindfulness for Stress Management & Better Quality of Life

For many seniors, aging brings many concerns that can lead to high levels of stress. Health matters, money issues, and the loss of friends and family members can cause depression and fears about the future. Mindfulness training can help these individuals maintain focus on the present moment, increasing their sense of enjoyment and gratitude. Meditation and practices such as tai chi can help relieve everyday stress and improve mental outlook. Stress reduction techniques can also help to improve sleep patterns and general health.

Using Technology to Monitor Wellness

Wristwatch-style devices have made monitoring health and activity easier for the senior population. Devices such as the Apple Watch and Fitbit allow individuals to check heart rate, distance walked, and even sleep patterns. Some apps can track your location or know if you have had a fall. These devices help seniors to keep moving safely and allow them to maintain their health more precisely. 

Hobbies that Stimulate Mind & Body

People who stay interested in hobbies and activities as they age experience less physical and mental decline. Hobbies help to keep you mentally engaged and physically active. Whether you like to go to the movies, knit, collect antiques, work puzzles, or play a sport, it can contribute to your physical and mental health. The internet has opened up a new avenue for seniors to communicate with others, share their interests, and engage in the public sphere. 

Encouraging Social Interaction

Research into aging also indicates that regular social interaction promotes good physical health and better cognitive health in seniors. Meeting friends for lunch, going to the theater, enjoying card games, and attending local festivals can help you maintain good physical and mental function. Community activities and church groups that cater to the senior population can be found across the country, to help elders stay socially engaged. 

Healthy aging is achievable with proper medical care and continued physical and mental stimuli. A wide variety of services and products are available to help seniors maintain their health and enjoy their daily activities. New trends continue to develop to serve this growing demographic.

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Wellness Trends for Seniors
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