We May Have to “Face It” but God Will Not Forsake Us

By on May 12, 2014
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By Jeanie Waters −

The longest darkest time of our lives started on 12-30-11 at the passing of our 24 year old son Zach Waters to prescription drug overdose. We have been through many things in our lives; we have lost loved ones before, but not one as close to us and a part of our lives more than our son.

As I was standing in the ocean just so mad at the world and for what had happened to Zach. I was facing the waves coming in at me as I was watching our children playing in the waves. As long as I was facing the waves I could hold myself up and they wouldn’t overtake me one by one I just let them hit me and I would push back at them. But I turned around and let them start hitting me from the backside and I would fall every time one would hit. I would stand back up and get my balance with more determination that I wasn’t going to let the next one make me fall. But guess what? Every time the wave hit me from behind I would fall down. I was so mad that I couldn’t stand up, I was so mad about Zach and everything.

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Through God’s grace and mercy the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and he said softly to me. Jeanie you must face this! As long as you have your back turned you will continue to be knocked down, but if you will face this thing head on you will stand firm. I had come to Florida believing that I wouldn’t have to face what happened that I wouldn’t have to deal with it. But all I was doing was running and I wasn’t living and winning against the enemy.

The last night we were in Florida, Denny and I shared how we were feeling. I am crying as I even write this tonight. When we were on the ocean that day Denny said that he wrote Zach’s name in the sand and then the wave came in on the shore and washed it away. He knew somehow we were going to have to say goodbye. Saying goodbye is not saying they are totally gone from our life. He will never be totally gone from our life; we must find a way to continue to live with them gone. His memory will continue to be with us.

December 30th, 2011 a part of us did die when Zachary Lloyd Waters left this world, but we will continue let the part of Zach that is in us and all around us to continue to live on.

God wants us to understand that he will never leave us or forsake us and that he knows the pain and sorrow we are facing. He is so patient and understanding. And when we face it, we don’t face it alone. God is with us and he is our only hope in times like these!

Jeanie has been through many situations and understands what it is like to overcome them and to come out on top. At times she wanted to give up but she refused. Because of her strong faith her nickname is pit bull dog. Jeanie will encourage you that tragedies can be turned into triumph.

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We May Have to “Face It” but God Will Not Forsake Us