Ways to Incorporate 2017 Pantone’s Color of the Year into Your Wardrobe

By on May 9, 2017

By Allegra Gallian─

There are many a ways a woman can express herself, and her wardrobe is one of the best. Your fashion style provides a glimpse into who are you as a person, and each outfit you wear speaks before you say a word.

Legendary fashion icon Coco Chanel said, “The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.”

We think that this year’s Pantone color of the year is one that will look good on everyone.

Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year

Between new designs that are perfect for the seasons, and classic staples that are timeless, there are countless ways to enjoy fashion. Another way is to include exciting pops of color in your wardrobe. The Pantone 2017 color of the year is the exciting, refreshing pop of color you need this Spring. The color is Greenery, and this gorgeous shade of yellow-green is well-suited for Spring styles. Looking at this shade evokes images of the first days of the season when everything is coming back to life, the lush foliage blooms and the world gets a bit more colorful. Greenery will be a wonderful color to add to your closet in the coming months. It pairs well with many different colors and complements a range of skin and hair tones.

Here are some ways to incorporate Pantone’s 2017 color of the year, Greenery, into your wardrobe this Spring.

Greenergy Nail Polish

A subtle, but beautiful, way to incorporate Greenery is with your polish choice. Whether you prefer to brighten up your toes, fingers or both, this nail polish shade shouts, “I’m ready for Spring!”

Greenery Accessories

Accessories like handbags, scarves and jewelry are the perfect places to add pops of color each day. If you’re wardrobe is typically more neutral, these accents won’t overpower your daytime or nighttime ensemble. Instead, they provide just enough excitement with understated touches of this yellow-green shade. Once the weather warms up and the sun is shining for longer, you’ll also need a great pair of sunglasses to shield your eyes. This spring opt for shades in Pantone’s color of the year.

Greenery Shoes

Shoes are also a fantastic place to add a pop of color in your outfit, and shoes in the shade of Greenery are sure to make a statement. This shade of green pairs well with taupes, beiges/tans, browns, black and pastel pink, blue or purple. Pair green-hued pumps with a neutral dress or green flats with slacks and a blouse. If you love playing with colors, don’t be afraid to pair your green shoes with a green outfit and embrace the Pantone color head to toe the Spring!

Greenery Clothing

If you love wearing bright, colorful clothing, this Pantone color is for you! You’ll be sure to find a variety of clothing options in Greenery. A dress in this shade, paired with neutral flats or pumps, makes a wonderful outfit for work or a casual evening out. Greenery-colored pants paired with a pastel or neutral top makes you weekend ready on a lovely Spring day. You can pairy a top or sweater in Greenery with jeans or khakis. Another great clothing option is to look for patterns that incorporate Greenery. If you love a good print, this is the perfect way to wear Pantone’s 2017 color of the year.


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Ways to Incorporate 2017 Pantone’s Color of the Year into Your Wardrobe