Which Water Heater Best Matches Your Lifestyle?

By on December 14, 2020
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Water heaters come in different sizes, and you need to choose one that suits your lifestyle. Winter has arrived, so you need to decide on the right water heater soon. We’ll help you with the features and purposes of different water heaters so that decision-making becomes easier for you. 

Different Water Heaters and Their Features

Let’s find out the different water heaters available in the market and what they offer. 

Storage Water Heaters

These water heaters need space. If you have a large apartment or an independent home, then this would be the best choice. The storage capacity of these heaters ranges from 6 to 25 liters. These heaters have lower installation costs compared to other water heaters. 

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While the water takes a bit of time to heat up, due to the large capacity, it can provide sufficient warm water for a large family. You can also use it for showering and doing your laundry. Hot water is available throughout the day. 

Water heaters from Crompton are valued for money since they have features like triple-shield protection, Incoloy heating element, energy-saving Insitu PUF, and standby cut-off. While the triple-shield protection prevents damage due to hard water, the Incoloy heating element ensures optimal heat transfer, the Insitu PUF lowers energy consumption, and the standby cut-off ensures your safety. These heaters are a long-term investment.

These water heaters are suited for high-rise building with an 8-bar pressure and are shock-proof due to high-grade and rust-proof ABS body. The single-weld line ensures zero-leakage.

Instant Water Heaters

If space is a constraint, then go for the instant geyser. As the name suggests, you get hot water instantly. No more waiting for hot water while rushing off to work on a chilly winter morning! Unlike storage heaters, they come in 1 and 3-liter capacity. 

All your family members need to switch on the instant geyser for their needs. These water heaters are more energy-efficient than storage heaters. 

The instant geyser from brands like Crompton provides you with 4-level safety, a powerful heating element, and a neon indicator. You are protected with 4-level safety. It also includes a precision thermostat, Thermal cutout, pressure release valve, and fusible plug. 

The superior heating element gives you water that is 45 degrees in just 10 minutes. You get to know when the required temperature is achieved with the neon indicator. 

The instant geyser has a long life due to protection from dry heating damage, and the Anti-siphon feature protects the heater from the backflow of water. The enhanced aesthetics helps these heaters blend perfectly with the decor of your bathroom interiors. 

Immersion Heaters

Unlike other types of heaters, the immersion water heater does not need installation. All you need is a bucket full of water for using these water heaters. When your water needs are low, these heaters are the best option. 

To ensure your safety, go with the best water heater in India. Trusted manufacturers like Crompton provide heaters with shock-proof handles for safety. These portable, lightweight water heaters, however, need to be handled with care. There are no scaling or rusting issues. 

These heaters have a water-level indicator that determines if the water level is high enough or not. If you have children at home, you need to be extra careful. If possible, use other types of heaters. 

If the water level is insufficient, then you risk damaging the immersion water heater. You need to turn on the switch only after the bucket is full. Switch off the heater before you touch the water.

Turn on The Heat With Water Heaters

Enjoy winters, even while you take a bath. Whatever your need, there are water heaters designed just for you. Get hot water instantly or use it throughout the day. Priced reasonably, these heaters provide long-term savings by being both durable and energy-efficient.

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Which Water Heater Best Matches Your Lifestyle?