Watch Out for These Beauty Mistakes

By on January 21, 2019
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As time goes by, and years start pilling on, changing your makeup and hairstyle routine and care is a must. Hair colors, wrong makeup products, hairstyles, and many more can add years to your look. With that in mind, you might be trying to look younger, but with these beauty mistakes you may end up looking even older than you actually are.

Sadly, but true, what you did in your 30s, does not work in your 40s. And what you are doing in your 40s, does not work in your 50s. There is no constant in hairstyle and beauty trends. Once you get over that 50 year old threshold, things start to change dramatically.

Wherever you are looking for a best eye serum, some grey hair cover-ups, or anything in between, there are some things you need to avoid, and things you absolutely need.

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The first thing you need to keep in mind is “do not try to reclaim youth”. Instead, try to reclaim yourself. There is no reason to think you are not beautiful as you age. And have that mindset to constantly remind yourself how to keep track with your age. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is keeping your same hairstyle for decades. You cannot pull a youthful look. Luckily, there are a lot of haircuts for women over 50 that look absolutely stunning.

With that in mind, let’s take a look through some tips about how to look gorgeous when you are 50, and some mistakes you should absolutely avoid.

Do not skip on a beauty sleep

When you are 20 or 30 years old, you can get away with just a few hours of sleep. You do not need as much makeup to cover the signs of not sleeping.

But as you get older, sleep is one of the most important beauty hair care routines you have to follow. A good night’s sleep will let your skin rejuvenate, heal, and repair while you are resting. If you do not get your 6 to 8 hours of sleep, there will signs like dark circles under the eyes. Simply put, your skin will look lifeless. And there is not any makeup that can cover that.

Do not try to conceal dark circles with light concealer

Speaking of dark circles, many women over 50 make the biggest mistake. They try to conceal dark circles with much lighter concealer. This never works. Ask any makeup specialist, they will tell you the same. Trying to conceal dark circles with much lighter concealer will only make them look worse. The concealer will emphasize all of your wrinkles on the face.

What you can do instead is apply normal concealer with a light hand. Layer it thinly over the foundation, and then pat it in place with a small and stiff flat brush. Alternatively, you can use your ring finger and a high-quality silk sponge.

Do not use powder blush

When you are young, powder blush can help you. In your 30s, your skin is smooth. But now, in your 50s, your skin is not as soft, and you probably have some fine lines and rough patches here and there. Using powder blush will make matters worse. The blush will sit in those lines, and your cheeks will look uneven. Simply put, you will look really, really old.

Leave plucking to a professional

Let’s be honest for a moment. Most women think they are adept at plucking their own brows. And most of them probably are. But it is best that you leave this grooming step to a professional.

The arch of the brow is very important part, and you want to have gradual and very gently lift. You probably cannot do that at home. When you are over 50, you want a slight arch of the brows that will extend them outward toward the temples. Doing it on your own might result in a tail curve down around the eye, which will make you look awful.

Forget about dark lipsticks and gloss

When you are older than 50, it is natural that you have nasty little vertical lines above your upper lip. Once they appear, do not use gloss any more. The same applies for dark lipsticks. Using a dark lipstick will creep into those vertical lines, and you will get the result of “bleeding lipstick”. This is one of the worst signs of aging. There is only one exception when you can use gloss and dark lipsticks. That is when you have rich dark skin or plump line less lips.

Take care of your gray hair

Gray hair requires a lot of maintenance. Many women think that once their hair turns gray, there is no reason to take care of it anymore. Wrong. You still have to take proper care of your hair. That includes regular cuts, using nourishing conditioners, and a good hair mask every now and then. Remember, gray hair can be drier because of low pigment levels, which means you need a lot of moisture and hydration. There is no reason not to shine with your gray hair. If you want to leave a beautiful statement, do not leave your hair unattended.

Do not copy celebrity styles

It can be tempting to try something celebrities do. We do this constantly. No matter if you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s, we look at celebrities for inspiration. But while it is OK to get some inspiration, do not be influenced by trumped-up celebrity styles. The fact of the matter is that while a hair color can look amazing on a celebrity, it is all about body type and skin tone. Get a hair color that compliments your skin, a haircut that complements your body type, and stick with what you have. Do not get obsessed with what you cannot have.


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Watch Out for These Beauty Mistakes