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By on February 12, 2012
dream board

As some of you may know, I recently put together a vision board. It was something I had wanted to do for years but never got around to. After hearing so many success stories about the effects of creating a visual dreamscape that I could pray over everyday, I was finally motivated and inspired to build my own board. And I was on a mission: Clipping, dreaming, envisioning, and creating. I felt hopeful and alive!

Below is a picture of my entire vision board which is in our bedroom on the wall next to the bed. It is divided into sections. In the center is the word “imagine,” where it begins and ends with “KEEP SMILING” above it all.

The upper left half is dedicated to my financial success.

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The lower left hand corner is reserved for family core values and needs. This includes pictures of my mother with the words, “BETTER HEALTH.” She is battling recurring breast cancer.

The upper middle section focuses on my hopes of my blog, NOTE TO SELF: Daily Reminders from God, becoming successful, and prayers of one day getting published by Thomas Nelson Publishing Group.

Next to that, on the upper right hand is my “Choose Your Own Adventure” corner. This shows places I’d like to go to, or things I’d like to do.

Below that is my dream home, along with the types of furnishings I’d like to fill it with.

The lower middle section is my heart’s desire to give to a few charity organizations. We already give to Joyce Meyer, but it is minimal and we’d like to increase our giving, thus the upper left half of the board. Above that is a picture of some techy items we’d like and need.

And throughout the board are various scriptures of encouragement, hope, success, and salvation.

I probably should have been a bit more specific in some of the things I put up there and how I placed them. Within a few short weeks, some of my visions have come to pass, not quite how I was hoping, but nonetheless, the board is working.

The photo of Thomas Nelson is directly next to the “BLOG” picture. I am officially writing for Thomas Nelson, but as a book reviewer for their exciting new book review program, Book Sneeze. And although that’s exciting news, my blog has also been accepted by some very well known branding, promotional, and affiliate marketing companies specifically for women bloggers to help drive more traffic to their sites. I’ve been accepted by SITS Girls, Clever Girls Collectives, and SheBlogs. I was also informed by Gospel for Asia (a charity organization that I blog for), that fourteen children were sponsored from a link on my site in only two short months! And I also started blogging for another charity organization, Compassion International. And according to, I’m pretty darn influential in cyberspace.

Above the photo of me and my older son, Josh, is a cutout of hundred dollar bills. This month we have received $500 cash from various (generous) friends and family who are genuinely concerned about the financial situation we are in and wanted to help.

The magazine clipping of the laptops and computers came to pass, as I was finally able to purchase a laptop (mind you on credit, thus deleting the “WE’RE OUT OF DEBT” hopeful on the side of the board) and give Jared my PC that was built for me by a very wonderful and thoughtful friend a few years ago. Jared’s near-new iMac crashed a few months ago and was unable to compose any music during that time. We also had no money to get it fixed or replaced. It broke my heart seeing him so lost not being able to do what he was born to do. I just didn’t care anymore what it took. He needed a good computer to compose his music, and it paid off…

I volunteered to put together a video for Care Net Family Resource Center and Jared composed the music for it.

The owner of the video production company, Suite Imagery, loved it so much, he hired Jared to do another project. When Jared completed that project, the owner was so impressed that he’s now eager to start promoting his business with Jared in mind!

As far as Disney World goes, unfortunately we won’t be going there anytime soon, but we were able to buy Tavin a Mickey Mouse talking Valentine’s stuffed toy. Again, maybe I should have been a bit more specific. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. Tavin loves it as if he’s at Disney World every day! He carries Mickey EVERYWHERE he goes.

We are also “FEED(ing) A NEIGHBOR IN NEED,” as we made it a habit to include Jared’s two brother’s for dinner every night. They are two young (broke) bachelors that literally live around the corner from us. We’ve made a commitment to help them anyway we can, and aside from loaning them our car when they need it, it’s all we have to offer. This fits into my family section of “FAMILY / CORE VALUES” that we are embedding into our son Tavin’s life.

I highly encourage you to build your own vision board. As you can see, the possibilities are as endless as your “imagination.” Pinterest is a fun way to put together a virtual vision board (find me there), but you can also find great pictures there to download and print and build a real board that you can see and touch and pray over every day…like we do.

About Tristine Fleming

Tristine Fleming is a freelance writer, compassionate volunteer, semi-frazzled stay at home mommy, lover of food, recipe treasure hunter, and all around great cook (and is a sucker for pastries, cakes, books, magazines, and fancy shoes). She attended Columbia College of Chicago as a Fiction Writing major, and resides in Kenosha, Wisconsin with her husband Jared, and their toddling little guy, Tavin. Her blog, NOTE TO SELF: Daily Reminders from God, has blessed and encouraged men and women across the globe, and is linked to international charity organizations such as Gospel for Asia and Compassion International. Since November 2011, Tristine’s blog has inspired readers to sponsor fourteen children through Gospel for Asia’s, Bridge of Hope program.

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