Vertical vs Column Radiators for Your Home’s Heating

By on June 17, 2021

With radiators now being recognized as design features in their own right, more thought is being paid to the radiator styles we feature in our interior design. As radiator manufacturers work to meet customers’ new demands, homeowners now have an expanding range of radiators from which to choose their perfect home’s heating source. 

Here we take a look at two popular radiator designs from either end of the spectrum: the vertical radiator and the column radiator.

The Vertical Radiator

Rising up the wall, rather than running along with it, the vertical radiator is a modern take on home heating. Its bold eye-level design meets the criteria of being a feature piece for the home rather than hidden out of sight behind furniture or radiator covers. Not only does it make a design statement, but it is also ideal for smaller spaces such as hallways and bathrooms. 

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Also known as the ladder radiator, this bold radiator design appeals for not stealing so much of the useful width of the main wall in a room. Your furniture can be more easily positioned without the worry of blocking the heat from the radiator.

We have been using vertical radiators in bathrooms for many years. Here they are heated towel rails, but the benefits are similar: space-saving, stylish, and a hot trend.

You can explore the many vertical radiator designs online where you’ll find that the best radiator retailers, such as Stelrad, have a wide range for you to consider.

The Column Radiator

While the popularity of new cutting-edge radiator designs is growing, traditional radiator designs, like the column radiator, continue to hold their own in the interior design space. Column radiators are identified by their upright sections which can each consist of 2, 3, or 4 columns. The sections are lined up, side-on, and joined at the top and bottom. 

The strong steel construction and solid reliability of column radiators are most often seen in period homes where they add an authentic finishing touch. However, with the latest trend for grand millennial décor – championing traditional furniture pieces, deep rich colours, and bold statements – column radiators are seeing a surge in popularity beyond their usual period homes. This modern adoption of the column radiator also sees it being available in new and exciting colors such as black, silver, blue and yellow. 

Like the vertical radiator, the column radiator is available in a wide range of sizes to suit any room in the house.

The Best of Both Worlds

Yes, you can combine the modern and the traditional with a vertical column radiator that runs up nearly the full height of the wall.

Opting for a vertical column radiator allows you to experiment with a modern twist on traditional design. You can decorate in keeping with your period property but bring it into the 21st century or take a modern property and give it that grand millennial feel for true on-trend interior design.

Which radiator will you choose to make a design statement in your home?

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Vertical vs Column Radiators for Your Home’s Heating