Vermont CBD Oil Is Different, Here’s Why

Terroir (ter-wah-r) is the French word to describe everything that affects the flavor and taste of a crop. It includes the natural environment like soil, farming practices, and climate. While the French originally coined the term to explain how the same grape could make such different wines depending on the vintner, it can be applied to any crop. Terroir is even important when you look at hemp products like CBD oil. And in our humble opinion, Terroir is what makes Vermont CBD oil unique. Here are some of the elements that create that difference and why it makes for some of the best CBD oil available today.

Vermont Soil

The first difference in CBD oil derived from Vermont-grown hemp is the soil. Local Vermont hemp growers like Hunger Mountain Hemp grow their hemp in soil known for its effective drainage. It’s also well balanced, neither too acid nor alkaline. In fact, because of the limestone base under the soil of much of the state, some geologists call the soil “sweet.” Both rocky and silty, the soil hasn’t been overworked by years of corporate farming, meaning it’s still full of the nutrients that create beautiful, healthy, aromatic plants. 

Vermont Farming Practices 

Besides the ideal soil composition, there’s a larger issue of farming practices. Throughout the Midwest individual farms with diverse crops have been replaced by giant conglomerates producing thousands of acres of single crops, depleting the soil, raising less nutritious food, and treating the land & local environment poorly. Ironically, as greenhouse gases and global climate change is on the rise, food is less nutritious. Not to mention these giants of the food system are producing over a third of greenhouse gases in the U.S. creating a vicious downward spiral. 

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On the other hand, Vermont is leading the way in small, sustainable organic farming. The 6,808 farms in Vermont are supported and encouraged by programs like Vermont Farm to Plate and grant opportunities for farmers. This new generation of farmers builds on the self-sufficient roots of its forebearers while adding in the science of regenerative agriculture, organic farming, and crop rotation that means you are receiving CBD oil that is both effective and safe. It also means you can trust the ethics of these small producers. 

Vermont Creativity

Finally, buying CBD from Vermont means you get to experience the joy and creativity that these small producers put into their products. Don’t love the flavor of CBD oils? Try a spicy mix with some jalapeño or a little cinnamon (available exclusively from Hunger Mountain Hemp). Some CBD oil can also be used for vaping and comes in flavors like raspberry and strawberry. Some flavors are for fun while others have their own health benefits, as the capsaicin in jalapeños. As CBD becomes increasingly popular, the sky will be the limit on what these small farmers can create to provide synergistic health benefits. 

The difference in CBD oil from Vermont starts from the ground up, literally. Beginning with its sweet soil and continuing through to the passion with which its farmers care for the plants and the environment, you can trust that the terroir of Vermont is perfect for your CBD needs.

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Vermont CBD Oil Is Different, Here’s Why
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