Seeing the Unimaginable

By on April 18, 2012

Mission work over the years has been such a joy for me. Visiting places, seeing unimaginable things at times… some funny, some not so funny. On our trips to Mexico, usually we traveled in a rented motor home. We carried building materials, tools and all kinds of items to accomplish our tasks when we reached our destination. As we crossed the border, we would pray the eyes of the border officers wouldn’t see our cargo. Out of all our trips, I think only a very few times did we have anything taken from us. There were  several times it costs us a few dollars to keep our cargo. Thinking back on all these trips, I can only smile and say that “God did great things” before, during and even after our trips. As we would stop along the way across the States, we shared the gospel, left gospel tracks and prayed with anyone the Lord brought across our path.

Once we were across the border safely, we would pray and thank the Lord for His provisions and protection for us. We would sing praises on our way to our destination. One particular time, we were headed to the Juan Wesley Seminary in Monterey to do some renovating and construction. As we drove along, one of the gals began to ask several of us if we had seen the “goats in the trees”  we had just passed. One of our men, a jokester at times, said “are you kidding me, goats don’t climb trees.” She began to speak with much enthusiasm, trying to convince us all of what she had seen. This situation with “the goats in the trees” became the “joke” of the week.

We had such a fun time that week. Serving the Lord in missions can be such a delight and bring fulfillment in your life. Seeing people’s lives change, becoming friends to the nationals where you go, and the missionaries hosting the trip. How about you? Have you ever thought of going on a mission trip? It could be the “life change” you are looking for.

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On this particular “goats in the trees” trip, I remember the devotional times we had in the mornings and the evenings. Different ones would share a Scripture or a testimony and then we would pray. Sometimes we prayed for hours and when we finished we were all amazed at the time that had passed. God always seemed to multiply our hours so we could accomplish our daily agenda. When you put God first, He might even make the “sun stand still” for you as He did Joshua.

Toward the end of this trip, we took a few hours to shop and buy a few souvenirs. After our evening meal, our “jokester” presented a present to our “goats in the trees” gal. It was a braided wire tree about 8″ or 10″ tall with these little plastic goats sticking in the limbs. We all cracked up laughing. Then our “jokester gent” confessed to her he also had seen the goats in the low growing trees. We all had another great laugh together.

In these latter days, you may be privy to “seeing some unimaginable things.” The Scripture tells us things will happen and that we may have a hard time believing, if we are not in tune with the Spirit of God. If you are not listening to that small voice, studying His Word, being obedient in your life, there is the possibility you could be deceived. There are wolves in sheep clothing out there today lying in wait to deceive even the elect.

We do not know the day or the hour the Lord will return. There are many different interpretations as to when He will return. He said we were to occupy until He comes. This means we don’t just sit back and wait for “our escape”. He means for us to be about the “Father’s business”. If you have to go through more trying times than right now, will you be able to stand firm in your faith? The Word says He will never leave us or forsake us; but, it also says, in this world you WILL HAVE TRIBULATION. Thank you Lord, you have overcome the world. Now,  in the power of the Spirit, we must do our part to overcome.

We may live to see the unimaginable or the unthinkable; but, I know whatever comes along, He is with me. How about you? If you do not know Him today, He is watching and waiting for you and desires to have you come home to Him for a personal relationship? He knows where you are and He hears the cry of your heart. You too can be ready for the unimaginable or the unthinkable that awaits you in the future.

I am Anticipating the Miraculous,

Peggy Lester

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Seeing the Unimaginable