Trim Down Your Mid-Life “Middle”

By on July 1, 2011

By Lisa Morrone –

When it comes to our middles, it seems that life’s fourth and fifth decades are the ones that really start to “grow on us”. Even those women who have been able to remain fairly trim throughout the first trimester of their lives, find a disturbing thickening begin to develop around their midsection as they reach the top of their proverbial “hill”.

For decades women have been starving themselves, skipping meals, and avoiding snacks, all in an effort to set the scale’s dial back to a more favorable number. This is not the most effective way to slim down, nor is it the healthiest in the long run.

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Your body is fueled primarily by sugar molecules which are the byproduct of the foods you eat and drink. Skipping meals only to eat later in the day sends your body a “store calories away as fat” message, because it thinks you are in a starvation mode. Also, when you do skip meals and avoid snacks, you show up at your next meal absolutely famished—which of course, sets you up to overeat. Eating oversized, infrequent meals gives your body more calories than it can use at that particular time. Whatever is not used must be stored as fat.


Often one of the earliest signs of poorly controlled blood sugar metabolism, or insulin resistance, is the propensity to develop a “tummy”. To prevent your blood sugar levels from becoming too high or too low, and to ward off insensitivity (resistance) to your sugar-regulating hormone, insulin, it’s best to eat three smaller-portioned meals AND two healthy snacks—mid-morning and mid-afternoon—each and every day. By following this simple “fueling format” you will maintain a more even-keeled blood sugar level which will eliminate the need for your body to rapidly store all those excess calories as fat. Feeding on smaller portions of high powered foods will make it much easier to keep that stomach of yours from expanding. Soon you may notice that you’ve even begun to lose an inch or two around your middle!


While we sleep, our brains produce two hormones which control our appetites. The first, leptin, tells us when we’ve eaten enough and are satisfied. The second, grehlin, is an appetite stimulator—the hungry hormone, as I like to refer to it. When you sleep between 7-8 hours per night, these two hormones are produced in their proper balance. However, when you’re chronically sleep deprived (less than 7 hours per night), your brain will produce more of the “hungry hormone” and less of the “I’m full” hormone. This hormone imbalance can add to your midsection in a way you probably never suspected!

So ladies, while we may be defenseless in the face of female hormone imbalances which occur in midlife, we must act to take control of the hormones that we do have the power to influence, for the good of our “middles” and for our overall health and wellbeing.

Lisa Morrone, PT is a regular Health contributor for LivingBetterat50+. A physical therapist, author, professor, and speaker, Lisa is on a mission to help people Get Healthy…for Heaven’s Sake!
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Lisa Morrone, P.T., is a physical therapist, professor, speaker, and the author of five books who is on a mission to encourage people to Get Healthy, For Heaven’s Sake. Comprised from over two decades of experience in the healthcare field, Lisa’s can-do instruction will empower you to: • Invest in good health now to enjoy every stage of life. • Gain control over recurring pain by treating it yourself. • Maintain the proper focus and fitness to maximize your calling. • Secure changes which will increase your lifespan by 7-15 years!

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Trim Down Your Mid-Life “Middle”