Transitions and Midlife Crisis can Be Blessings in Disguise

By on July 1, 2011

middle aged woman sitting at deskBy Jane Morrison –

I believe a “mid-life crisis” can occur many times throughout a person’s life. When I was in college, I often felt lost, isolated and unsure of myself. I look back and see now that I was getting clear on my personal values during that time, and my insecurity made me a stronger, more self assured person.

I was on a roll and confident for most my 20’s, but having my son and being a new Mom at age 30 sent my identity into question once again – who was I to my husband now that this incredible newborn was here for me to love? I had to learn how to balance my time with my extended family.

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I had a career shakeup at age 40, when I decide to purse my dream of self employment and follow my heart, living out the gifts and purpose I believe God graced me with.

Along these times of bumps in the road, I felt lonely and confused, but I came out a stronger person with a clearer sense of self each time. My success has to do with the help I sought from mentors, good friends, coaches and a therapist.

As a Personal Coach, I support women through their transitions so they can fully understand, and love, the new women they are becoming.

Are you going through an identity challenge? Take this quiz to see where you stand:
Mastering Your Motivation IDENTITY QUIZ

How can you know what you want until you know who you are?
Take a moment to take this quick quiz.
Knowing who you are, understanding your identity, along with loving and accepting who you are, is KEY to getting what you want out of life.

To see how connected you are with your identity, answer the following questions

Do you?
1. Know your unique gifts?
2. Use your gifts and talents in several areas of your life?
3. Dream of the future and set future goals?
4. Make your dreams a reality?
5. Feel confident in most situations?
6. Know your priorities and spend time with what’s most important?
7. Have fun on a daily basis?
8. Have balance in your day, nurturing your mind, body and spirit?
9. Feel equal to others?
10. Have a connection to a Higher Power?
11. Laugh often and easily?
12. Trust and let go of worries?
13. Surround yourself with people who support you?
14. Take care of yourself as well as you take care of others?

Add up your score to see how you rate on knowing your Identity and living a fulfilled life.

Give yourself one point for every yes

If you answered YES 11 -14 times – Congratulations! You have a good sense of identity, balance and joy in your life. Suggestion: Focus on the areas where you did not score a point, and call for a free consultation to bring your life to an even greater sense of fulfillment!
If you answered YES 7-10 times– You are most likely feeling overwhelmed, overstressed and things could improve by getting more focus and clarity in your life about who you are and where you are going. Suggestion: Call Jane for your free visioning session to get clearer on your future path and learning about yourself to create a plan for your future.

If you answered YES 6 times or less: You’re in the doldrums. You are most likely in an identity crisis and going from day to day with some lack of energy, little joy and no sense of purpose. Suggestion: Call Jane for your free visioning session to see how life coaching can get you on the track to success and paint a future that you can get excited about. You can reach her at #763-262-6467.

Remember, there is always a rainbow at the end of a challenge, you just can’t always see it quite yet. Don’t go it alone, find the support to make your light shine. Jane Morrison, Certified Coach, Author and Business Strategist, is founder and President of Mastering Your Motivation. She specializes in supporting women through transitions and as business owners. She’s an expert at seeing where you get stuck and eliminating those barriers so you’re empowered to move forward toward your goals. Her clients find effective ways to market their business and gain clients, making them feel in control again and getting rid of the feeling of overwhelm.

She’s the author of “Savvy Leadership Skills for Women” and has created a powerful step-by-step program that takes you from where you are, to where you want to be. You can find free resources at and sign up for a complimentary Visioning Session at

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About Jane Morrison

Jane is the Author of “Savvy Leadership Strategies for Women” that is a dynamic resource for women to learn leadership principles that assist in career success and personal life satisfaction. As with anyone who steps out of their comfort zone to follow their dreams, she encountered bumps and challenges along her own path as an Entrepreneur and discovered that success for women has different challenges and solutions than for men. She has made women’s success her passion. You can learn more and contact her at

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Transitions and Midlife Crisis can Be Blessings in Disguise