Quick “Hollywood” Makeup Tips

By on July 1, 2011

By Pat Cruz, Shared by Southern New England WOMAN Magazine, http://www.snewoman.com/

Do you think Hollywood starlets wake up looking camera ready? Guess again…they roll out of bed the same way we all do. Take these makeup tips, put on your best face and become your own starlet.

That Face!
Preparing your face with foundation is like preparing a canvas to what comes next. Match color and tone from face to neck so there is no
mask look. Just blend, and blend, for no foundation lines.

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tip: use a lighter color foundation under the eyes.

Apply a light dusting of powder over foundation to set it and make the look last longer. I stress “light dusting,” because as we get older, that beautiful powder catches in the creases and, if I dare say, wrinkles, making them appear more noticeable. However, not using powder over foundation will cause it to fade faster.

A little rose blush or light bronzer in the hollow of the cheek will warm you up without giving you the “she has a ton of makeup on” look.

Did you say you wanted a natural look? You can look natural and flawless at the same time. Natural doesn’t always mean wearing no makeup.
Stay with browns and creams which will add a little kick to your features without going overboard with color. If your are feeling a little bold, then by all means use a little more color; but can we stay away from that flamingo pink lipstick please…

For Smokey Eyes
Try this signature look. Lightest color on lid and under brow bone. Warmest shade rounding off crease. The darkest color, for however dramatic you want to look, place under lash line about half way in depending on eye shape and out to corner of eye. Blend upward towards crease and fade outwards towards outside corner of brow. The deepness will look like a sideways “V” on the outside corner of your eye.

Eye Liner & Mascara
I suggest black for everyone because I love the dramatic look it creates. However, older or lighter skin and hair-tone women should opt for a less sharp affect and go with a brown or a plum gray.

Liquid liner is the best at not smudging or bleeding. It is my product of choice but if you can’t master the liquid application, which creates a sharp line, don’t use it.

There are great pencil liners that work just as well. Using a thin line of liner across the top of the lid will make lashes appear longer and lush at the root but, don’t forget to curl lashes. No woman deserves to be without a “come hither” look that comes from curled lashes.

One key to remember, the dryer the product, the longer it will last and the less it will bleed. Lipliner first, followed by lipstick which is a bit creamier.

Blend it almost to the end of the lipliner so that you don’t have that outlined lip look which was never “in” to begin with. Finish with a touch of clear or shimmer gloss dabbed only on the center of the bottom lip for a fuller look. Don’t rub, just blot your lips together slightly so as not to cause the gloss to spread too far towards the outside of the lips.

Now, if you practice… this should take you no more than 10 minutes and you will be paparazzi-ready where
ever you go. You are ready for your closeup!

Pat Cruz is a retired pageant and wedding makeup artist. For 15 years she worked backstage at fashion shows and pageants with contestants into the hundreds at single events. Pat traveled throughout the US and received a national and international following. Her signature was to create amazing looks by bringing out the best features naturally and fast. Each starlets look lasted for the duration of the
competition or wedding day.

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Quick “Hollywood” Makeup Tips