Top Three Things To Do During The Pandemic

By on January 4, 2021

It is so incredibly easy to let the pandemic get on top of you, given the constant uncertainty and how much things are changing – even with a vaccine on the horizon. However, it is important to remain positive, because it will be over eventually, and we may even look back on this time and think it was an opportunity we missed to do something really special and unique. Here are the top three things to do during the pandemic we are forgetting about when we only think about the negatives:

  1. Learn Something

How often do we say we would like to learn another language? Or that we would like to gain a new skill, or learn to cook, or that we wish we’d gotten a college degree? The time we save on not commuting or being able to go out and socialize may just give us the opportunity to get the qualification we have always wanted, like a Data Science certificate online. Many qualifications are part-time, and the sprawl of online qualifications now available because of social distancing and students anyway not being able to fill up lecture halls or congregate at university, which means it is a great time to get learning even if you can’t physically attend a university.

  1. Spend With Those We Love

Regularly, when life is at full pelt, we complain that we don’t have time to spend with those we love. In normality, we are usually rushing around, grabbing the car to drop the kids off at school after hurrying them from breakfast, or spending hours on a long commute to and from work. This is where it can be useful to consider that it is not often we will have time to spend with those we love, and perhaps this pandemic is a chance to slow down and spend more time playing with our children or looking after our grandkids, or speaking more to our partners.

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  1. Pursue Hobbies

It is so common for us to say we don’t have time to relax or pursue anything except our work. The pandemic has changed that. Being unable to go and get takeout food or microwave meals every day has meant a lot of people have taken up baking as a hobby, among other things. We have become green-fingered and turned to our gardens. So many people have taken up knitting and macrame, that many kits online have sold out. 

However, last but not least, the pandemic has given us an appreciation of what we have. This point is a little soppy, but the tragedy of the pandemic has made us all far more aware of how precious and transient life can be. Being deprived of the materialistic ways of modern life, but still having food and our immediate families has meant that we are a lot more aware of how lucky we are in many ways. It can be useful to spend time counting our blessings.

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Top Three Things To Do During The Pandemic