Top Mistakes to Avoid During Divorce Proceedings

By on February 11, 2021

Pursuing a divorce is never a simple matter of submitting documentation and playing the waiting game; it represents a long and challenging process and one that takes a financial and emotional toll on both parties. 

There are plenty of pitfalls you must avoid falling into, although very few of us come to the process sufficiently prepared to anticipate and evade them. For that reason, read more about the biggest mistakes to avoid, below.

Trying to Deal with Separating Finances Yourself

When it comes to separating finances between two people, even cases that appear relatively straightforward in the first instance have a habit of turning complex. Considering the emotional toll that the divorce process can take, verbal agreements between two individuals can unravel incredibly quickly. This may potentially leave one person at a significant disadvantage, and result in long term rifts that make closure incredibly difficult for you both. 

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A solicitor or lawyer needs to be on-hand to offer you both fair and objective guidance, in order to ensure that the book can be closed on this chapter for good. 

Not Having the Information/Documents/Paperwork You Need to Hand

Beginning the process prepared for each stage is incredibly important. There are a number of different avenues you can take as you move forward with your decision, and ensuring that you are supported by the necessary documents, such as your marriage certificate, and any supporting evidence you might need to ensure that your application goes through is essential. 

While it can be difficult to prepare for a process that is entirely unfamiliar to you, 

Choosing the Cheapest Solicitor or Lawyer

While the economy is important, particularly during a time that may cause significant financial upheaval for you, it is incredibly important that you pick a lawyer you trust, and with whom you have a rapport.

Not only will this prove vital to your emotional health during this time, but it will also be essential to ensuring that you are able to remain open and honest about details that may be relevant to your marriage, and its end. Only by practicing full transparency will you be able to reach the fairest, and therefore most beneficial, outcome. 

What’s more, focusing your search on finding the cheapest solicitor possible can commit you to a significant amount of time on the road, as you drive back and forth for meetings – and struggle to arrange them around other commitments. Narrowing your search on expert firms working in the area – so, if you are in Gloucestershire, then speaking with divorce solicitors in Cheltenham – will make certain that help is always to hand, and that you are not stretching yourself too thin. 

Assuming it Will Go Smoothly Because You Don’t Have Children

It is true that coming to fair and tenable agreements over child arrangements – not to mention dealing with the emotional fallout of one partner moving out of the family home – do take a significant toll on those seeking a divorce, but that’s not to say it is a prerequisite for stress and upheaval. 

In truth, the emotional toll wrought by the dissolution of any serious relationship, combined with the practical struggles of separating the finances and moving out, means that it is incredibly common for couples to reach complications, and find themselves unable to agree or remain civil – even when the decision to separate was amicable.

Putting your trust into a partner from whom you are separating is never a good idea, which is why certain oft-overlooked factors, such as a financial order, remain so important, even if you don’t believe discussions will fall apart.

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Top Mistakes to Avoid During Divorce Proceedings