Top Destinations To Visit For The Mature Traveler

By on February 11, 2020
Top Destinations

As we get older, our interests and life goals change, and that is especially true when it comes to travel. There is a whole world just waiting to be explored, but by taking a slightly different approach to choosing your destination, you could get even more out of your vacation. Luxury travel and unique stays are often the top of the list for women over 50, so which are the top destinations to enjoy this newfound love of adventure?

Check out these top destinations that are perfect for your mature years:


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This top European destination is a fantastic option for a short trip or more extended vacation around the continent. The country is filled with beautiful towns and villages, plus the impressive cities are also a sight to behold. One of the best ways to see a variety of German tourist attractions is to hop abroad a river cruise and take a slow cruise along the Rhine. This charming travel option is an ideal way to see the landscape and scenery alongside the beauty of its historic architecture. 


This destination is thought to be a popular choice for younger travelers due to its high-tech vibes. However, beyond the dazzling city locations, Japan opens up a doorway to beautiful towns and villages bursting with history and heritage. The food is another pull to this country, and you can sample the delights of local cuisine while overlooking some of the most amazing views. Why not check out the range of Exoticca holiday packages and see where your tour of the country could take you?


Canada is a hive of captivating landscapes and spectacular locations that can provide travel opportunities for years to come. The beauty of this country is that it offers an ideal opportunity for the active traveler to explore some of the most breathtaking spots in the world. You can also hop aboard a train and take a trip through the Rocky Mountains, or if you’re looking for a great city destination, Montreal and Vancouver are perfect options. 


This beautiful country is gaining popularity among the over 50s traveler, and it’s not hard to see why. The stunning beachside locations and historic town destinations offer you the chance to discover this country’s fascinating heritage while soaking up the sunshine. In the Adriatic Sea, there’s also a myriad of islands to explore, which is the perfect opportunity to hop on a boat and see the sights. 


For the ultimate experience in peace and tranquillity, a vacation to Thailand is a must. This location is ideal for all budgets and enjoys a rich foodie and history culture to explore. You get the best of both worlds with a range of stunning beach locations to relax on or bustling city destinations to immerse yourself in. Thailand is also a popular spot for western travelers, so you’re sure to meet lots of likeminded people during your stay. A great excursion to do is island hopping along the coastline. This way, you’ll capture the sheer beauty of this spot in all its glory.

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Top Destinations To Visit For The Mature Traveler